GIIS International Preschool, Tokyo, Fosters Creativity and Imagination in Art and Play

International preschool Tokyo, junior high school

In early childhood education, the concept of international preschools has gained remarkable prominence. These institutions offer a distinct approach, transcending boundaries to provide a holistic foundation for young minds.  GIIS International Preschool, Tokyo, provides a multicultural and immersive environment that nurtures children’s creativity, imagination, and cognitive growth through a blend of art-based activities and purposeful … Read more

The Best Kindergarten and IB Schools in Singapore

ib school, kindergarten fees in singapore

Singapore is one of the rare first world countries in the Asian region. It got there despite being almost tiny in size and not having access to much by way of natural resources. Even though the nation comprises very diverse ethnic communities with their own languages, customs and traditions, it comes together in an admirable … Read more

Preparing for Success: Montessori Education at Top India International Schools in Dubai

montessori Curriculum, india international school

Do you know that many migrating families prefer Dubai because it offers a wide range of different educational choices to students? But amongst them all it is India International Schools that stands apart from others. Do you know why? Because the schools believe in giving good quality education to students. But most importantly one aspect … Read more

Why Go With IB? 8 Justifications for Choosing the IB Diploma in High School

It is needless to say that quality education is the foundation of life. It provides a platform for children to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. In this regard, choosing the right educational platform for your child is crucial. The Singapore IB school program is designed in a way to enrich students with in-depth knowledge and wholesome … Read more