Check These Items of Your Essential Bike Touring Accessories List

A bike tour requires you to have adequate preparation. Since you will be riding for a long time, you need accessories to make the ride easier. With such bike accessories, you will have protection and a comfortable ride. Upgrade your riding gear with essential bike touring accessories to enjoy your bike ride. 

Accessories for Bike Ride

You must wear the correct protection gear to ride your bike on busy traffic lanes or highways. The primary purpose of the equipment is to ensure your safety. They protect from grave injuries and help to navigate the road in unpleasant weather. For instance, the balaclava for helmet keeps the nose and mouth covered, ensuring no dirt or flying particles distract you.

The gears serve multiple purposes. They will save you in case of a crash and provide protection. These gears deflect the Sun or debris and rain, keeping you warm or cool depending on the weather. It also increases the visibility on the roads. These riding gears, like jackets, gloves, boots, and more, make the riding experience more exhilarating.   

However, you need more bike riding accessories on the road. If you are a bike-riding connoisseur or someone navigating the daily traffic, here is a list of all the items you need.

The Essential Bike Touring Accessories List

  • Bike Windscreen

The bike windscreen is the first item on the essential bike touring accessories list. The windshield protects you from stones, sticks, flying insects or suspended particles, and rain coming at you. These flying particles can stick to the helmet, restricting vision.

  • Engine Guard
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The engine guard acts as a speed and resistance buffer. If you were to collide with another vehicle or a road sign, the engine guard would save you from impact injuries. The guards work as the first point of contact. It reduces the chances of grave injuries in case you skid the bike. 

  • Touring Bags

The touring bags or saddle bags are perfect for you. On a bike road trip, you need an adequate storage option for all your necessary items. Carrying a bag is the solution. However, there are a few factors you need to take into account.

The essential bike touring accessories like the bags come in various styles- saddle bags, laptops, panniers, duffle, thigh bags, and more. These bags have features that allow you to carry multiple items. They also have many compartments for organisational storage. Last but not least, they are not too heavy, and you can also hang them on the side of the bike.

  • Shoe Protector

Amongst the essential bike touring accessories, the shoe protector ensures your riding boots stay clean and pristine. Usually made of premium quality leather, this accessory comes with a suede lining that prevents damage to the shoe. It is customisable as it comes with an adjustable leather strap.

  • Knee Braces  

The knee braces sit on your knees by framing their structure. It limits lateral torsion. You can use it in professional biking tournaments as well. The knee braces are lightweight and enhance your safety measures by a notch. It adds stability and strength to the knees. In case of an accident, it absorbs a lot of the shock so that your knees do not suffer from extreme injuries. 

  • Balaclava
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The balaclava helps to protect the longevity of your helmet. It prevents chafing and ensures that sweat does not ruin the interior lining of the helmet. While riding, hair can become an issue. Putting the hair in a bun is the easiest solution. 

Tying the bun and letting it hang below the helmet is a good idea. You can secure the hairdo with the balaclava bike touring accessories. Tucking the hair in place will make all the difference in comfort while driving the motorcycle. 

The balaclava keeps the head snug. They get designed to give comfort during long rides. This easily accessible and comfortable accessory is a must-have for all bikers.

  • Gloves 

Gloves are also essential bike touring accessories that ensure knuckle protection. You must guard your knuckles while riding the bike as they can break on impact in case of an accident. The gloves protect your fingers from injury. Also, if you sustain injuries, they will be minimal as the gloves have padding that absorbs most of the shock and pressure in case you fall off the bike.

  • Mobile Mount

While on the road, you may need to use your mobile phone to see the directions. It is inconvenient to stop your bike to look at the map. Also, operating a mobile phone while riding a bike is a big no-no, as it can lead to accidents. So, what is the solution? The mobile mount allows you to fix the phone on it and easily monitor the maps as you ride the bike. 

So, the next time you go on a road trip, have these essential bike touring accessories from

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