Easy SEO Mistakes To Avoid For Skipping Penalty of Your Website

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization plays a great role in driving organic traffic to your website. This actually means to do some changes to your website. In previous times SEO was quite easy but as the day passed it is going harder to harder because the Search Engines are getting smarter day by day.

Since search engines are smarter than previous & they updated their policies for giving the rank of a webpage you can’t apply all the same techniques that you could apply in past. If you apply all those techniques by mistake then it can be harmful to your website. You can easily avoid these easy SEO mistakes to avoid getting rid of penalties for your website & get a better ranking in SERP. So, what are those easy SEO mistakes to avoid? In this article, we’ll discuss these wrong SEO steps to avoid for better results.

Easy SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Better Ranking In SERP

Buying Backlinks or Excessive Joint Linking

Buying backlinks from a high DA/PA site can be useful but buying excessive links can be harmful. In updated Search Engines policy buying link is considered illegal as it is seen as an attempt to manipulate PageRank. In the past buying link is considered a great SEO technique but that was in past.

Buying backlinks violates rules of search engines & increase the possibility of getting a penalty for your website and also decrease the rank of your website in SERP. So, in order to avoid penalties, you should avoid buying excessive backlinks.

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Linking to Homepage

Homepage is the main landing page of your website. Creating more backlinks for only the homepage is not an ideal technique for getting better rank nowadays. People always look for specific things on the website & the homepage doesn’t contain everything. This is why search engines give the rank of webpages instead of the homepage.

So, in order to get rank on a specific keyword, you must create backlinks for the targeted page or post you want to rank on that keyword. If you still crate only for your homepage then your website may get penalize & go down from SERP. So, create backlinks for your pages not only for the homepage. Again, if your website is a single-page website then you can start blogging or publish posts which will help you a lot in avoiding the SEO mistake.

Create Backlink from Penalized or Highly Spammed Website

Creating backlinks is very helpful for getting a better ranking. But creating quality backlinks is quite hard but creating backlinks from penalize or highly spammed website is easy & here everyone does the mistake. Penalize or spammed website is not a good or quality website in the eye of search engine & creating backlink or getting referrals from these sites also very bad. This means that your website is also bad or spammed website & search engine doesn’t like these websites. This is why your website may get a penalty or your website will go downward in SERP. So, stop creating backlinks from penalizing or spammed website.

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Duplicate Content

Another Easy SEO Mistake to avoid is not to use duplicate content. All we know that content is king but using the same content multiple times is useless.  Using duplicate content or plagiarized content means that your website is useless & no useful information on your website. Thus, your site may get penalized. So, use unique, plagiarism-free & informative content for your website this will help your website to get rank & also helps to avoid penalty.

Broken Link

Broken links are the links that are available on your website but there is no content on that page or it is an error page. Since there is no content so these pages are not effective for search engines & these also interrupt the user experience. This may cause a penalty for your website & decrease rank on SERP for your website.

Broken links are mostly referring to a 404-error page. For avoiding penalties, you need to remove these pages from your website or redirect these pages to other pages by using 301-redirection. By removing these broken links, you will be able to increase your website quality & search engines will find your site as a healthy site. So, Remove or redirect error pages if your site has for avoiding a penalty.

Keywords in Domain

Keywords are the phrases that are used to search for anything. Using keywords as a domain name can be very risky. This may lead to an anchor linking issue. Search engines may consider your website as a bad website while you repeatedly link to a particular domain or a keyword-based domain. You need to bear in mind that if you use an exact matching domain make sure that it consists of adequately great content on your website, otherwise it may get a penalty.

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Using Black Hat SEO

From two types of SEO black hat SEO is considered as an illegal approach to get the rank of search engines. Since it is an illegal process & violates the rules of search engines so the engines don’t like this approach. So, applying these black hat techniques may cause a great hamper to your website as well as SERP ranking. So, you need to skip this technique for better results.


Hope that you may get a general idea about these easy SEO mistakes to avoid a penalty for your website. Be careful about these points else your website may get penalized. Apart from these, you may also spend some time enhancing the user experience which gives you a great advantage in the eye of search engines. Remember if you want to keep your site healthy & get rank on the search engine you must obey their rules & policy otherwise, it may be dangerous for the site.

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