Enhance Your Branding with Custom Clear Stickers

Printed on biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) material, clear stickers elevate your product packaging and can help increase sales. The light surface cuts and transparent effect makes them easy to peel and apply. Follow the prompts in Design Space to print and cut your custom clear stickers. After the printing is complete, remove your stickers from the mat and use a fine-point blade to cut them.

Custom Clear Stickers

Custom clear stickers, also known as transparent sticker printing, bring your branding to life and elevate your products’ packaging. These custom-cut vinyl stickers have a clear background that makes your designs stand out and look premium on any surface. Printed on high-quality BOPP material, they’re water-resistant and can withstand both freezing temperatures and direct sunlight, which makes them perfect for outdoor use. You can order your custom clear stickers in a roll or as individual sticker singles. If you want to hand them out at an event or give them to friends, we recommend ordering a roll. If you’re putting them on your products or shipping them out to customers, you should consider choosing a set of individual stickers.

When choosing your sticker design, make sure to pick colors that will stand out on your product or package. For example, lighter hues such as white or orange will look more prominent on a jar of blueberry jam than darker colors such as purple. You can even choose a clear sticker background to make the colors in your designs pop. Before applying your custom clear stickers, you’ll need to clean the surface. Thoroughly wipe off any dust, dirt, or oil. You can also use mild soap and warm water if necessary. After cleaning, be sure to let the area dry completely before applying your stickers.

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If you’re planning on adding pen (drawn) details to your stickers, we recommend choosing a “writable” material that works well with Cricut Joy. This includes any matte, paper-like materials such as our Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock or Adhesive-Backed Deluxe Paper and any writable vinyls that are compatible with the Cricut machine, including our Smart Label.

Clear Custom Stickers

Custom clear stickers are a great way to brand your products or add visual interest to any design. They can be used as thematic adornments, graphic embellishments, or final trimming touches. They can also be used as labeling solutions for your most popular items such as jars of jam, candles, or bottles of water. The first step in creating your custom clear stickers is determining what size and shape you want them to be. Once you have this information, it is time to begin the sticker printing process. To do this, simply use our pricing calculator to get an instant, original price – no hidden charges – and upload your artwork. Alternatively, you can also use our pre-made sticker templates and design elements to create the perfect stickers for your needs.

Next, you need to decide how you want your stickers cut – either kiss cut or die cut. Kiss cut stickers are the most cost-effective option, as they are simply removed from the sheet of paper that they were printed on. However, if you plan to use your stickers outdoors or on a glossy surface, we recommend going with a die cut instead. This provides an extra layer of protection from scratches and fading that can occur over time. When ordering your custom clear stickers, it is important to choose the right type of adhesive. If you plan to use your stickers for labeling products or packaging, a front adhesive is best. This will allow you to apply your stickers easily and ensure that the design is visible.

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If you are printing your clear stickers for a window display, we recommend choosing a back adhesive. This will ensure that your design is visible from the inside of the glass, regardless of its orientation or position on the product.

Clear Logo Stickers

When you need to get your Clear Logo Stickers or design noticed in a big way, clear stickers are the perfect choice. Easily apply them to products, packages or any surface that needs to be clearly identified from a distance. Clear sticker printing is a great option for companies looking to promote their brand, highlight their cause, or even share important information with consumers in storefront windows. To make sure your stickers stand out, choose from a variety of sticker materials. Gloss is the classic choice, but matte also works well for a more subtle look. For die cut stickers, be sure to choose a material that will work with your printer. Different printer models have their own limits for thickness and proportions, so it’s important to know what your limitations are before ordering.

Choosing the right adhesive is also crucial. Whether you want front or back adhesive is dependent on where your stickers will be applied. If you will be using them on the outside of a window or glass, you should order back adhesive. This will allow the stickers to be positioned properly so that the adhesive is in front of your custom design, which is ideal for this type of application.

Once you’ve finished designing, be sure to save your file in CMYK color mode and at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher. This will ensure the colors in your sticker come out as vibrant and clear as possible. You can also add a laminate to your stickers to protect them from water and scratches, making them durable enough for use both indoors and outdoors. The laminate will also give your stickers a shiny, glossy finish.

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