Epic Clarity Report Writer Responsibilities and Features

Before diving right into the specifics of Clarity, first here is a brief introduction of Epic, or Epic Systems Corporation and clarity report writer. Epic is a US-based private software company founded in 1979 by Judith R. Faulkner, the current CEO. It is a company dedicated to our healthcare industry and has made certain breakthroughs that have unquestionably changed the healthcare system. As a software company, it has improved various healthcare software programs.

The most focused area of their work is the various Health Record Software that has made it more convenient and easier to keep tabs on patients. The most widely used and best product of Epic is the Epic Electronic Health Record Software (ERH). It is used by healthcare organizations worldwide to maintain various patient records.


What is Clarity?

In the Epic context, we will now talk about Clarity. As mentioned above, Epic launched the ERH software, and for any healthcare organization to compile their data and store it accordingly, they need a database. Here is where Clarity comes in. Clarity is the Database Management System that Epic uses. For someone to be able to use Epic, they first have to learn how Clarity works. After you know how Clarity works, you can use the EHR for your patient records. In addition to maintaining just records, you can check the following charts using Clarity.

  • Patient Demographics
  • Billing Data
  • Appointment Scheduling

Clarity Report Writer

After learning the basics about Epic EHR and its relational database, Clarity, we discuss our leading software, Clarity Report Writer. The program allows healthcare professionals to generate and compile patient report data using the Clarity database. Report writers (mostly Epic-certified ones) use this user-friendly yet highly technical component to create and customize reports. By using Clarity report writer, you can access many tools that make it easy to make reports with specific features. Using this software, you can sort and organize your reports using various filters. Various filter options are available here to get the specifics you need in your report. The main objective of Clarity Reports is to get a hold of the many tools that make it possible to generate the report that corresponds to your and your patient’s specific needs.

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After discussing the software, we will talk about the professionals whose services you can get to optimize your reports. The cost of offering such many features is that it becomes somewhat technical to use. Well, you do not have to worry too much about it as there are certain certified professionals whose help you can acquire in order to make excellent data reports.

What are the different types of Epic reports?

Epic’s software is known globally for its ability to create database reports in a short time. It has inbuilt tools for generating the following reports:

  • Radar Reports
  • Clarity Reports
  • Workbench Reports
  • Hyperspace Reports

Epic can create efficient reports, but its analysis by a report writer is required before finalizing it.

debit card information.

Scope of Epic Clarity Report Writers:

If you hold the skill of writing a clear report and knowledge of analyzing it, no one can take your place in the market. Healthcare has evolved in the past years, and now, it uses technology to build an efficient system. When we are talking about the maintenance of data in hospitals, clarity reports are a predominant part of it. Most hospitals use Epic software to create clarity reports faster than their competitors. So, Epic clarity report writers never run short of work. Epic’s software will make the task easier for you, but still, work is left to be done. There are some high-key opportunities for those who work hard and smart with the system. To witness the scope of Epic clarity report writers, you need to work on the following skillset:

  • Analyzing the tool-created reports.
  • How to keep yourself up-to-date with changes in Epic’s software.
  • Managing time efficiently and delivering reports according to schedule.
  • Looking into the tech-related problems found in the reports.
  • Learning to build a healthy connection with stakeholders.
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Salary of Epic Clarity Report Writers:

Here is a market-competitive salary breakdown if you want to know how much you can make as an Epic clarity report writer.

The high-skilled writers are, on average, paid $40-$42 per hour. It makes a total of around $85,000 a year. This calculation is based on USA writers and can differ in your region.

Those writers on the intermediate level can earn $65,000 to $70,000 on average in a year. This total income covers over 50% of the Epic Clarity report writers.

The cities where you can get an above-average salary as a clarity report writer are the following:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Fremont, CA

A freelance gig for an Epic clarity report writer has been one of the top gigs for the last few years. Besides working in an office, you can work as a report writer remotely. There is a calculated probability of earning more if a writer works with different teams and switches work locations.

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