Farming Agro Forum Submission Site List in 2023

What is forum submission?

Forum submission is one of the most popular off-page SEO tactics that is used for creating backlinks for websites using forum websites. Forum websites are a special kind of website which offers questions & answer to the users who are interested or focused on a specific topic. You can use these websites for creating high-quality backlinks for your websites. Entering your web URL in your question or answer will give a high-quality backlink.

Benefits of forum submission?

Forum submission is very effective & the result of forum submission will be noticed in a little time. With this off-page SEO tactic, you can get real-time traffic to your website. Some of the importance of forum submission:

  • Share your ideas & questions.
  • Easy way to promote your business through question-answer.
  • Create your network in your industry.

Search engine likes google, bing likes genuine backlinks coming from forums but these links need to come from niche related forums. If the links don’t come from niche related site them it will be categories as spamming or blackhat SEO.

What to do for forum submission?

There is a couple of things that you need to consider before doing forum submission.

  • Use real name & other details while creating a forum account.
  • Use your real photo for a profile picture of your account.
  • Keep updated with new questions on the forum.
  • Ask & question on a regular basis.
  • Before posting or promoting any website make a good image of yourself on the forum.
  • Get backlinks from a few threads, not from all threads.


Forum submission site list are very useful for getting high-quality backlinks. You can easily get backlinks & tons of traffic through it. You will be allowed to learn so many about your niche from forum sites.

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