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If you have started a digital marketing website, you will have to put effort into it to generate traffic and engage them with your unique content.

But the question arises here. Is it possible to generate more traffic with unique content? Absolutely not!

Uploading exclusive material with good SEO is not enough to get the attention of the public especially at the online platform where the competition is too high.

One thing that one must follow is getting outbound links from authoritative websites that can help you to generate more traffic on your page.

To stay one step ahead of your competitors, you have to be smart. But it should also be remembered that the sites from where you are getting backlinks should be of high authority.

For checking the worth of the website, you can get help from the domain authority checker. These online tools give you a score on a 100 scale that tells the actual value of the website.

Here we will give you a list of the best online free tools that can help you to get the domain authority of a website


Best DA checkers

So, how can you select the best domain authority checker? There are hundreds of online tools that are serving in this term.

How can you select the best one? Here we are going to discuss some top tools.



Moz is the company that created the domain authority of websites. So, all other online tools use the APIs of this DA checker for getting results


It uses an advanced algorithm and sets the protocols based on which, it gets the authority of websites and makes it easy for new marketers to guess the value of a page.

The features provided by this online DA checker are free with registration. You have to get registered and it will provide limited searches every day to the users.

If you want to test all of the features of this top tool, there you select the option for free trials that you can avail of for 30 days.

In these 30 days, you can get all of the features with unlimited searches and make full use of the tool along with premium features.

The rules set by this advanced online DA checker are followed by every other tool. It uses multiple aspects to get the score of websites.

In the end, it provides a score from 100 scale that tells the actual worth of a website.



The DA checker by prepostseo is another top tool that tells accurate results to the users. So, they can get backlinks from the pages which they want.


You have to upload the URL here and it will get the score of websites and tell the authority of the site along with the spam score.

DA checker by prepostseo uses the API of Moz thus the reports provided in the end are trustable. Bloggers and digital marketers can get help from this tool before getting backlinks.

This tool is freemium. That means you can get some of its features for free. But to avail of advanced features, you have to visit premium plans.

If you are just testing the tool or have limited searches, here you can take help from it without any cost. It provides 25 free searches at the start after getting registered.

And if you don’t want to get registered, you can still take help from this tool and get 10 free searches with accurate results.


DA PA checker

It is one of the top domain authority checkers that can help to get the worth of pages using the API of Moz.

da pa checker


Users can use this free tool with accurate outcomes that they can trust and get links from other websites.

Most of the users look for free tools that can give the spam rates of unlimited websites for free. This trustable tool is for those users.

To make the SERP better and get more traffic on digital marketing sites, it is necessary to insert healthy links in the content.

So, this bulk DA PA checker can help you to figure out the sites that are best for your new page and can increase the worth of your forum.


Final words

Giving tough time to the competitors at the online platform is a little tricky. You have to be smart with your techniques.

For it, users need to get backlinks from other websites that have high domain authority.

A single backlink from a high DA website is much better than 100 backlinks from the low DA websites.

So, users must take care of it and look for websites that have more value and can help in getting more traffic on the page.

For it, they can use a DA checker that tells the authority of a page with its spam rate and other factors that help in getting good ranks.

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