How to contact Southwest Airlines Lost and Found

The largest low-cost airline in the world is Southwest Airlines, which is situated in the United States. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and it offers scheduled service to 121 U.S. cities and ten other nations. According to the customer flown, it is currently the third-largest airline in North America. While traveling if you have lost your personal belongings or baggage while traveling, please get in touch with the airline ticket counter ASAP. Please make a report in person to the Baggage Service Office (located in the baggage claim area or at the ticket counter). If you have left or can not reach the airport, do not worry about How to contact Southwest Airlines Lost and Found, you can get in touch with them by dialing  +1 (888) 660-0053. 

What is Southwest Airlines’ Lost and Found Policy

Customers must notify the airline of their claim for domestic itinerary no later than four hours following either:

  1. The flight’s arrival on which the loss, damage, or delay is alleged.
  2. Receipt of the baggage, whichever is applicable.

For domestic itineraries, the airline is not responsible for minor damage from regular wear and tear or manufacturing faults, cuts, scratches, scuffs, stains, dents, punctures, markings and dirt. Additionally, the airlines disclaim responsibility for anything in carry-on luggage or any overcrowded bags.

In the event of baggage loss, damage, or a delay on foreign routes, the customer must contact the airlines within seven and twenty-one days, respectively. 

How to file a Southwest Airlines lost and found report

After the flight’s arrival, if your belongings are lost and nowhere to be found, go to the respective airlines’ reception and file your complaint by filling in all the details about your lost item. Customers must notify the airline of their claim for a domestic itinerary within four hours. After you fill in all the details, they will provide a tracking number, and you can easily track your belongings in the comfort of your home. Searching for your lost item will take at least 30 days.

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Southwest Airlines’ phone number

If you have any queries related to the airlines, and don’t know how to contact Southwest Airlines Lost and Found,  please get in touch with the airlines at  +1 (888) 660-0053


Does Southwest compensate for delayed baggage

Although it is included in its contract of carriage, Southwest Airlines does not make an express customer service commitment regarding compensation for delayed baggage.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to submit a delayed baggage claim at the very least to request compensation. You must present receipts, just like in other careers.

Here are a few key points from Southwest’s Contract of Carriage:

  1. If your bag is delayed, southwest airlines will compensate you for any “reasonable, documented damages” you suffer.
  2. You are required to take reasonable steps to lessen the harm brought on by the delay of your item.
  3. Southwest will compensate you for the original purchase price, less depreciation if it decides your bag is misplaced.


While choosing Southwest Airlines as your traveling partner, please read all the terms and conditions related to the airline on their official website. That will help you in taking steps when you are using Southwest Airlines. If you have any queries, please get in touch with Southwest Airlines’ customer support, who will lead you to your answers.


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