How to Draw A Flower Easily

How to Draw A Flower. Flowers undoubtedly bring a lot of color and beauty to the world. It’s hard to look at a beautiful, fragrant flower and not smile!

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Whether to brighten up a room or as a gift for a lover, seeing a beautiful flower is always a welcome sight.

You may love flowers, but if you’ve ever wondered how to draw a flower, you’ve come to the right place! By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to draw flowers with ease.

This fun and easy step-by-step guide is designed to help you learn to draw a flower in 9 easy steps!

How to Draw A Flower

Step 1

For the first step in this tutorial on drawing a flower, you first need to draw a small circle.

If you can freehand draw a near-perfect circle, that would work well, but you can also use a pair of compasses to draw a perfect circle.

You can also use something small and round, like the cap of a thick pen, to draw if you don’t have a drawing compass.

For this step, you can draw this circle with a dark pen or pencil, just like it will look in the final image.

Step 2

Now that you have the center of your floral design, it’s time to start drawing the petals! To do this, draw two thick curved lines at the bottom and meet at a thinner point at the end.

Try drawing two petals, as shown in the reference image for this step.

This may take some practice. So maybe draw those petals with a lighter-colored pen and then trace them with a darker-colored pen or pencil when satisfied.

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Step 3

You’ve drawn your first two petals. Now that you get it, it’s time to add the next two.

For this step, draw two more petals to the right of the ones you already have, just like before.

Step 4

In step 4 of learning to draw a flower, you’ll add another petal to the top of the flower.

This petal is slightly thinner and has a slightly different shape than the others. So check out the reference image if you’re having trouble.

Step 5

For step 5, we will add one of the last petals to the flower design. So draw another petal as shown in the reference image. As you can see, your floral design is slowly taking shape!

Step 6

You’ve almost completed the main part of your floral design. All you have to do for this step is add the last petal.

This should be a bit thinner and sharper, as seen in the reference image. In general, if you’ve followed the instructions, the petals should be similar in size, both in length and width.

Step 7

There are some tricky aspects for this next step in learning how to draw a flower, so the reference image will be very helpful!

I would also recommend using a lighter colored pencil before going over it with a pencil. First, draw two curved lines between the bottom two petals, as seen in the picture.

They should be very close together and connect at the end. Once you’ve done that, draw one of the leaves by drawing two curved lines that start from the stem and then meet in the shape of a leaf.

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The reference image should be very useful! After drawing, draw another leaf on the other side.

Step 8

Your flower design is almost done! In this step, we will add some details to your floral design.

First, you can trace the leaf veins with thin lines. You can look at the reference image to understand what these veins should look like!

You can then add some lines in the petals, starting from the center of the flower, to make the petals look more wavy.

Finally, you can add some small curved lines in the center of the flower to give it a more textured look. There are still smaller lines that you can add for some more small details.

Step 9

Now that you’ve completed your beautiful floral design, there’s only one thing missing: some pretty colors!

This step is where you should let your imagination and creativity run free.

We have an example of how you could color it, but be sure to use the colors you love to bring your floral design to life!

You can also experiment with different artistic mediums like paints, watercolors, crayons, and pencils to create amazing color effects.

Your Flower Drawing is Finished!

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