How To Find Niche Related Blog Commenting Sites In 2023

Blog commenting is an Off-page SEO technique that allows you to post a comment on a website or blog. In most cases, blog commenting is done on a blog post that is written on a specific topic.  Blog commenting enhance the relationship between the blog writer & reader or visitor of that blog. It is also a method of exchanging ideas, thought as readers can give their opinion about the topic of the blog through the comment.

Blog Commenting is a great tactic for sharing ideas but from an SEO perspective, it is one of the most effective techniques that allow you to get quality backlinks & traffic. A good blog comment will help the comment reader to get an authority backlink & also traffic. If your comment is well enough & the website allows you to give backlink option then it can be a great resource of backlink & traffic for your website.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of blog commenting & also give you the instruction about how to do successful blog commenting step by step & also how to find niche related blog commenting site list.

Why Blog Commenting is Important?

As far as we have said that blog commenting is a great way to share ideas about a certain topic of a blog & it is also a great way to build a relationship between blogger & reader. Form an SEO perspective it also plays a great role. Now, you might desire to know why blog comment is so important briefly. So, let’s divide the importance of blog comments in different sections so that you can easily understand the importance or benefits of blog commenting.

  1. Building Relationship: Blog commenting is a great way to build a relation between the reader/visitor and owner/writer. Since this blog commenting allows the reader to share their ideas or can discuss a certain topic through comments. This creates a huge impact on blog success so the writer will be happy & the readers will get many ideas about a different topic. So, it will help to build a great relationship between readers & writers.
  2. Create Relation Among Other Reader: Not only enhancing relation between reader & writers but also blog commenting enhance the connection among the readers. In the comment section, there is an option to reply to other’s comments or ideas. Any reader can reply to that comment & share the ideas or if there is wrong information it can be corrected. This will help to create a great connection between the readers since the readers can share their ideas among them.
  3. Create Backlinks: Blog commenting is a proven technique to create backlinks. The comment section of any blog has an option to enter a blog or website URL. This will help to enter your blog URL & this will help to get an authority backlink for your website. You know that backlinks are a great way to get rank on search engine & blog commenting allow to get authority backlink for your site so it will help to rank on the search engine.
  4. Create Brand Name: While you are doing blog comment it must be on your targeted niche so that this will drive a targeted visitor to your website. This will help to create a brand name for your website or business.
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How to Do Blog commenting in SEO?

Blog commenting is very useful and it’s not so difficult to do. For a successful blog comment, you need to read the blog or article properly so that you can understand the blog & can give your important opinion about the blog. The comment can be negative or positive, it depends on you & your opinion. But remember one thing that your blog comment should be on your niche. It’s not mandatory but it will help to enhance traffic for your site greatly. Now, Let’s find out how to do a blog comment properly. Here is how to do successful blog commenting step by step & then we will give the instruction about how to find a blog commenting site for your targeted niche so that you can enhance traffic & can also create branding for your site.

For a successful blog comment you need to go on the comment section then you need to do the following:

  1. First, enter your real name in the Name or your name box like this.
  2. In the second step, you need to enter your email in the mailbox.
  3. Next, you need to enter your website URL on the website or URL box.
  4. Finally, you need to enter your comment or opinion about the blog in the comment box or text box & then click submit comment or post comment.
  5. Remember Your comment must be insightful.

How to find Niche related blog commenting site


How to find Niche related blog commenting site?

Finding a niche related blog commenting site is not so hard. You can find blog commenting sites by using the following terms & google search, you can use other search engines also.  You can use the following terms by replacing the “Your Keyword” terms with your keyword or niche then search the term on the search engine. Thus, you will find the targeted blog commenting sites.

“your Keyword” + Blog + leave a reply

“Leave a reply” + “your keyword”

“Add new comment” + “Your keyword”

“Your Keyword” + Blog + leave a comment

“Leave a comment” + “your keyword”

“Post a comment” + “your keyword”

Your keyword site:gov inurl:blog “post a comment”

Your keyword site:edu inurl:blog “post a comment”

Let see an example so that you can understand it easily:

How to find Niche related blog commenting sites


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Use any of the search terms. Let’s consider to select the first one & replace “Your Keyword” term with your targeted keyword or niches.

Search the term on Google or other search engines for finding the site.

Use search results. On every page, you will get 10 results of your targeted sites. Open the sites one after another & you will find the targeted blog commenting site. Like this, you will find the targeted site for your comments.

How to find Niche related blog commenting site


What to Do or Not for Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is very useful & we’ve discussed it earlier. Here are some tips to do a perfect comment. You need to remember while doing a comment otherwise your comment will be counted as a spam comment.

  • Use a real name.
  • Use your own email.
  • Write a great & insightful comment.
  • Don’t use keywords or niche as your name.
  • Don’t focus on promoting your brand in a comment.
  • Don’t comment two or more in one blog post.


Following this, you will be able to find your niche related blog sites & able to do a perfect blog comment. Follow these steps of How to find Niche related blog commenting site & you will get quality backlinks & also can create your branding through blog comments. So, Let’s start commenting for your site & won great backlinks for your site.

I like to listen to you. If you have any questions or advice regarding this post please feel free to share that through the comment section below.

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