How To Identify Sugilite Gemstone of Good Quality?


Sugilite gemstone is a somewhat uncommon gemstone that is also highly stunning. It received its unusual name because Ken-ichi Sugi, a Japanese petrologist, made the first discovery of it in 1944.

The stone first appeared as brownish-yellow grains when Ken-ichi Sugi unearthed it, but in 1955 dark, prismatic crystals of the same composition were found. Sugilite was found in a seam in 1975, and when it was recognized as a gem in 1980, its value skyrocketed. Its popularity has since increased and for a good cause!

Sugilite: What Is It?

Both a mineral and a gemstone, sugilite is most well-known for its vivid pink to purple hues. Due to its deep, glossy hues, the stone’s perhaps most well-known tint is known as “grape jelly.”

Sugilite is a sodium-potassium lithium silicate mineral, and minor levels of manganese give it its color. Because iron and aluminum can replace manganese, the color, and characteristics may differ. Gemologists and collectors throughout the world are on the lookout for high-quality specimens since they are uncommon.

Where Is Sugilite Found?

On the little Japanese island of Iwagi, there was a modest deposit of sugilite gemstone discovered in 1944. These stones, however, were not of gemstone grade, and for several decades following, the stone was mostly unknown. Later, a larger deposit of sugilite was discovered in Quebec, Canada, in a setting comparable to Iwagi Islet.

Sugilite is being extracted from a strata-bound manganese source at South Africa’s Wessels mine in the Northern Cape. According to some claims, sugilite may also be found in Australia’s New South Wales area, India’s Madhya Pradesh, and the Italian regions of Liguria and Tuscany.

Imitation Sugilite

Similar to many other popular gemstones, fake sugilite is now widely accessible which is sold for making sugilite jewelry. Sugilite-impersonating composite materials are widely available on the market and frequently marketed without any indication that the stones are not real. The majority of the fake sugilite passes for “synthetic.” Therefore, you must stay extremely cautious while buying sugilite jewelry.

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As sugilite substitutes, marble and quartzite have been dyed. Serpentine, which is often used for tiny objects like beads, is another less popular material for imitation sugilite. Such sugilite jewelry made through imitation does not carry any healing benefits of the genuine sugilite gemstone.

How Can You Tell If Sugilite Jewelry Is Real?

The price of the stone used in making sugilite jewelry is the first thing that you should consider because genuine sugilite jewelry may be quite difficult to find. It’s improbable that the stone is genuine sugilite if it’s inexpensive. Expect to spend more for the actual item because the stone is more expensive because of its scarcity.

The color of the stone is another helpful indicator of whether or not sugilite used in making sugilite jewelry is genuine or not. It’s unlikely to be sugilite if the color appears a little flat or dull or if the stone has black veins running through it. Sugilite is unquestionably not legitimate if it is “reconstituted,” “assembled,” “manmade,” or “lab-grown” when acquired.

What Is Sugilite Worth And Why Is It So Expensive?

There is a lot of sugilite accessible. However, the stone is rare and difficult to obtain, much like purple gemstones. The color of the stone is the most crucial consideration when grading Sugilite. The darker the color, like with many other gemstones, the more valuable the stone.

Closer examination may reveal that the color appears speckled, although this is unlikely to have an impact on the final rating. The value of the stone declines, nevertheless, if bright colors are blended with dark purple.

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Given that so many other factors affect the value of sugilite, it might be challenging to estimate its cost. But given how uncommon it is, it’s reasonable to conclude that it’s definitely more costly than many other purple gemstones.

Physical Properties Of Sugilite

The hardness of sugilite, which is 6.5 on the Mohs scale, is one of its physical characteristics. There are several tints that can define the color, including:

  • Violet

  • Purple

  • Light brownish yellow

Sugilite can contain white streaks but is colorless in transmitted light.

Sugilite jewelry’s healing properties have earned it the moniker “healers stone” in alternative medicine because it helps migraines and epilepsy by balancing the brain. Sugilite jewelry is also said to have a number of therapeutic characteristics and is connected to the crown chakra, all of which add to its worth. Many individuals wear sugilite jewelry as a way of treatment for persistent aches and pains, including headaches and backaches.

Another claim about sugilite jewelry is that it may soothe an anxious or troubled mind. Some people think that sugilite jewelry enables us to cultivate more optimistic sensations and ideas and to direct them toward a more upbeat attitude toward life.

Sugilite: Is It Toxic?

Sugilite includes aluminum. Hence it’s advised against using it while crafting any elixirs since it could make you sick. Despite being present in very minute amounts in the stone, aluminum may poison the nervous system and have a negative impact.

Can Sugilite Jewelry Get Wet?

You must take good care of sugilite jewelry in order for it to survive being wet. Avoid exposing sugilite to water for an extended period of time, as it could cause the color of your favorite piece of sugilite jewelry to fade. Its value will therefore drop.

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You should always wear sugilite jewelry, preferably as a sugilite pendant close to your heart, to get the most benefit possible from it. However, you may also try wearing sugilite rings, sugilite earrings, sugilite bracelets, or sugilite necklaces.

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Conclusion: A Prized Purple Gem

Sugilite gemstone is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world due to its coloration, which resembles grape jelly, and its numerous alleged medicinal powers. But because it’s uncommon and hard to come by, the price is so much higher.

If you’re fortunate enough to find any, you should definitely add some sugilite to your jewelry collection. It’s a very resilient jewel, and the vivid colors of the stone look lovely when set in nearly any metal, adding to its variety. Sugilite is unquestionably a jewel to treasure.

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