How To Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the world now. According to W3Tech and Builtwith, almost 61.8% of total CMS users use WordPress and around 455 Million websites run on WordPress which is almost 35% of total websites in the world.

Since WordPress is mostly used CMS attackers & hackers try to collect data from these sites by attacking or hacking. For this reason, your WordPress website must be secure enough to protect your data as well as your clients or user data so that users may visit your website without any worry. But how to protect WordPress website from hackers or attackers. Here in this post, we’ll discuss how to protect WordPress websites. Let’s get into it.

1. Keep Plugins updated

Plugins are the most amazing thing in WordPress. Using the right & perfect plugins you can make your websites more attractive or user-friendly. This will also allow adding many features to the site. As plugins are very crucial for making websites gorgeous hackers or attackers want to take a chance to get into your website through this plugin.

Plugins come with many bugs or vulnerabilities that are not usually known at the first release. As time goes developers try to fix these bugs in each update. In every update, the developer tries to fix the errors & make the plugin more secure for the users. So that hackers & attackers can’t inject harmful codes to these weak points of the plugins. This is why it is necessary to have an updated plugin for your website. Make sure that while running the website you may get an update for the plugin. You should always update the plugin from time to time to have a secure WordPress website.

2. Remove Plugin That You’re Not Using

While creating a website you may install many plugins for many features & later you realize that you don’t need those plugins anymore. If so, remove these plugins from your website as soon as possible. There are a few reasons to do this,

  1. Old plugins that you aren’t using may have old security so these may not protect your site from virus or malware attack.
  2. You can get some space by removing those plugins which you can use for other task or may speed up your website.
  3. It will be easier or efficient to manage the pages of your website when you only have the plugin you need.

3. Keep Away from Using Crack Themes or Plugin

While using WordPress you may know that WordPress site runs with themes & plugins. You can use genuine or crack themes or plugins for the site. But it is recommended to not use crack things for the site. Crack themes or plugin doesn’t come with accurate security from the actual developer of the products.

These are cracked by attackers or hackers. This is why crack themes or plugin may contain harmful codes or malware within it. This may help the attacker to attack your website easily & steal data from it and using these things you may not get support from the actual developer of the site. So, avoid using crack themes or plugins for having a secure website.

4. Use Theme & Plugin from Trusted Sources

There are many sources from where you can get WordPress themes & plugins. But you should use only from the trusted sources. Using themes & plugins from untrusted sources may ensure the products with malware or viruses which you may not want. Using these you are falling your website in danger & giving a chance to get personal data to the attackers.

The most trusted source of WordPress theme or plugin is the official WordPress website. ThemeForest is another trusted website for WordPress themes & plugins.

5. Protect Site from SQL Injection

SQL or Structured Query Language is very important. But the injection of SQL by an attacker or hacker can be very dangerous and can wreak havoc on your webpages. They can alter, add, modify, or replace the content of your website which is not desired. They can also redirect users from your webpage to the website they have created as a trap by hacking the URL of your website.

This will lose the reputation of your website as well as the loss of your business and user won’t willing to come to your website again and again. For this, you must get rid of this type of problem. Using the right WP Config tool will help you to prevent these types of issues so that your website can be more secure.

6. Use Two-Factor Authentication

This is another way of protecting WordPress websites which is very popular nowadays for any virtual platform. This is a two-step login process which in addition to the usual username and password, requires an additional OTP (one-time password) that is sent to your phone or email.

This authentication process adds an extra layer of security & makes it more difficult to gain access to your website from unauthorized parties. If an unauthorized party is somehow able to get the password of your site still, they can’t get access to your site because they won’t be able to hack your phone or email at the same time.

7. Use Dedicated Hosting than Shared Hosting

Shared hosting may perform great but if you are more concerned about the security of your website and collecting user data then it is better to go with a dedicated hosting service since it is more secure & add an extra security layer. Most of the experts agree that a dedicated hosting server provides tighter security for the site.

8. Monitor & Update Administrative Privileges

Keep updating with administrative privileges may help to secure the website easily. Old and unused privileges may increase the odds of information disclosures if any infection is able to find a way to exploit them. You need to pay more attention than simply deleting privileges when a user leaves the website and also privileges like promotions, changes in work assignments, or anything else that could leave a user with access to data no longer needs. You also need to make sure that the administration level rights are limited to an active user who actually needs access to that level of control over your website.

Final Words

WordPress is continuously developing and updating security tools for securing websites. Review all those resources & keep updating with them. Update the main installation anytime that prompted on the dashboard area this will help you a lot for securing the website. You can use some security plugins but keep in mind you also need to update it when a new update is available. Hope you might understand how to protect WordPress website. Still, if you have any question please let us know through the comment.

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