Indian Restaurants in San Francisco

As we know Indian food is popular all over the world for its taste and flavors. No doubt that San Francisco is one of the best cities in the world and is also known for its spectacular tourism, Nature, and Luxurious History. San Francisco is also known for its style of cooking food, techniques, and tasty dishes. San Francisco has a wide range of Indian Restaurants. Indian Restaurants have carved out a special place in the hearts of San Francisco travelers. If you are searching for the best Indian Restaurants in San Francisco, you can visit one of these restaurants which I am going to tell you about here for the best cuisine in the United States of America.


Udupi Palace-

This Restaurant is based on South Indian dishes and is strictly vegetarian. This Restaurant has a large number of South Indian food varieties. Dosas are a little bit bigger than their real size as they come. These are made from rice flour stuffed with different types of fillings and served with sambar and coconut chutneys. Here you can order South Indian thali which includes rice and different types of curries and sweets. 


Dosa Restaurant-

In my point of view, Dosa restaurant is one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. This restaurant is based on South Indian Food and they also provide North Indian Food as well. This Restaurant was founded in 2005 and now they have many branches in San Francisco. They serve authentic South Indian food with fine touches and flavor. This Restaurant is well decorated with an Indian theme. This will give you an Indian vibe when you enter the restaurant. The workers are very friendly and welcome their customers with a smiling face. This restaurant has a lot of variety of healthy and vegetarian South Indian food.

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Amber Restaurant-

Amber Restaurant is a leading and popular Indian restaurant in San Francisco. This restaurant especially serves North Indian food and has a variety of North Indian food such as Butter chicken, Lamb Tikka, Palak paneer, etc. If you are vegetarian then you can try their Achari Baigan, Palak paneer, Kadhai paneer, and more vegetarian dishes. This Restaurant is a little bit costly but the quality of the food is very good and the food is also very tasty. 


Shalimar Restaurant-

This restaurant is a costly Indian Restaurant in San Francisco. This restaurant offers authentic North Indian food and dishes. When we talk about tasty Home-made food No one can beat Shalimar Restaurant. This restaurant offers a comfortable setting for their guests and customers to enjoy their best meal. As considered, Shalimar is one of the best Indian restaurants in San Francisco. Shalimar offers both veg and non-veg food for their customers. Here you can try paneer tikka, palak paneer, lamb curry, and different types of Indian food.  The staff of this Restaurant is very friendly and always ready to serve your order.  


Little Delhi-

Little Delhi is an authentic Indian restaurant in San Francisco. This restaurant offers tasty North Indian food to its customers and visitors. Little Delhi is ideal for group dining and family gatherings. The non-veg dishes of this restaurant are very famous especially their non-veg Biryani and Kabab and the best thing about this restaurant is that their Indian dishes are not as costly as other Indian restaurants in San Francisco. Here you can try different types of veg and non-veg food with the best quality.

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Kasa Indian Eatery-

If you are looking for a purely Indian Restaurant in San Francisco with Butter Naan and Dal with a glass of lassi and tasty and juicy Gulab jamun, then Kasa Indian Eatery is the best restaurant in San Francisco for you. Their Menu is based on Fresh Homestyle food for customers who love Indian Food. They offer good food at affordable prices in San Francisco. Their art of serving Indian food is very amazing.


Vik’s Chaat-

As the name says this Restaurant is famous for South Indian street food. This Restaurant has been serving their chaat and dahi pakori for the last 25 years. The best point is that Vik’s Chaat provides a daily lunch menu on weekdays which has Indian homestyle cooked Basmati rice, Chapati, Dal, and more. This will give you a truly Indian food vibe.


Keeva Indian Restaurant- 

This restaurant is run by a Husband and wife both, named Ajeet and Reeta Mehta in San Francisco. Keeva Indian Kitchen offers authentic Indian food made with fresh, best-quality ingredients and traditional spices. If enjoying traditional Indian food is your goal, You can visit Keeva Indian Restaurant in San Francisco. 


Rasa Indian Restaurant-

Rasa Indian is one of the best Indian Restaurants in San Francisco based on authentic South Indian food. It takes the reputation of Indian restaurants to a high level by offering different kinds of dining experiences. Rasa Indian Restaurant has different types of traditional Indian food from different places in the country. Bollywood Dosa, Rasa Chicken Biryani, and Fried Chicken Plate are must-try dishes of Rasa Indian Restaurant. The staff’s warm welcome and the restaurant’s enjoyable atmosphere will make you feel like Home. 

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Saravana Bhavan Restaurant-

If you are looking for the best South Indian restaurant in San Francisco you can visit Saravana Bhavan. This is a famous Indian veg Restaurant in San Francisco. Saravana Bhavan has different types of Dosas and their idlis are made in different styles which are served with coconut chutney and with the Sanvar. Saravana Bhavan maintains the quality of its food. You can try their Thali with Idli Vada combo. Mini Ghee Idly, Masala Dosa, and Kaima Idly are must-try Dishes of Saravana Bhavan’s Restaurant.


Tara Indian Cuisine- 

If you are looking for the best fast food Restaurant in San Francisco you can visit Tara Indian Cuisine Restaurant. Tara Indian Cuisine provides fresh and best-quality snacks(Samosas and Veg Pakora) and food(Saag Paneer, rice, naan, raita, and kheer). Here you can enjoy the real taste of Indian fast food and snacks with a pleasant atmosphere.


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