Infographics Submission Site List in 2023

Infographic submission Site List

Infographics are very important & benefit of infographic submission is huge. Here is the best infographic submission sites list in 2020 for sharing your infographic.

infographic submission site list

Infographic submission is one of the most effective Off-Page SEO techniques which brings huge traffic & some backlinks. But what an infographic is? Infographic is a visual image that contains some image & text in a single image. The main purpose of using infographics is to teach people & branding of services or other statistics of any business. A perfect infographic can boost your business reputation easily and also improve your search engine ranking too.

The benefit of infographic submission.

The submission of infographics is very useful for SEO terms. This helps to create a huge backlinks & traffic for your site. Here are some main advantages of infographic submission

  • Getting More Traffic.
  • Getting high-quality backlink.
  • Share your business or brand information.
  • Increase brand promotion.

How do & create an infographic?

There is no specific way to do infographic submission. You can either upload infographics on submission sites or mail to admin for sharing your infographic on their site. But before that, you need to make an informative infographic. You can use online platforms like to create infographics or other software to do that. Here are some basic things that must be in your infographic so that it can be useful for your business.

  1. Infographics must be informative.
  2. Infographics must be attractive.
  3. You need to mention your brand & its offering.
  4. Make sharable infographics.
  5. Share on popular platforms.


Doing a proper infographic can be so useful for your business or your website. This will help a lot to promote your business online. Be aware to do perfect submission for the best result.

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