KBC Company lottery provides not only the first prize of 5,000,000 rupees, but also daily prizes. That are announced during the episodes of, broadcast from Monday to Friday.

Transmission combined with the KBC Company Lottery

KBC Company lottery is now a fixed year-end appointment, followed by enthusiasts and not only: by purchasing a ticket, both in the betting shops and online. It is possible to participate in the final draw and in the daily prizes. Each year, according to the Lottery rules, one or more TV programs are chosen to match the game. This year is confirm for the final draw of the   Lottery KBC head office kolkata, while for the distribute  prizes daily the game is combine with a second program, “It’s always noon!”. It is a cooking show broadcast on from Monday to Friday, from 11:55 to 13:30. The presenter began the new television season of this program on Monday 12 September. On the other hand, on the occasion of the most important draw, on the day of the Epiphany, the Amadeus game show will  broadcast live in prime time.

When does the final KBC Company lottery draw take place?

The final draw of the KBC Company lottery takes place, like every year, on Epiphany day, at the end of the Christmas holidays. The first prize draw takes place during that day’s episode of the broadcast combined with the Lottery: usually the evening includes the presence of great exceptional guests. The first prize is 5,000,000. However, the first category is made up of 4 other millionaire prizes, have  low value than the first, but which are still proclaim during the draw.

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KBC Company Lottery second and third category prizes

If, for some years now, the first prize has amount to 5,000,000, the amounts of the second and third categories are estimate annually.

The amount of these two categories is decide by a special commission based on the earnings from the sale of all the tickets. The higher the proceeds obtained from the sale of KBC Company lottery tickets, the higher the winnings will also be for the second and third categories. The amount of the second and third category bonuses are announce on the website of the Excise, Customs and Monopolies Agency as soon as the resolution has taken place. Please note that it is possible to buy the Lottery ticket online until 2023 and wait for the final draw three days later. If you purchase a ticket by by registering your ticket you will also be able to participate in the draw for daily prizes during the “It’s always noon!”

National KBC Company Lottery daily prizes: amounts, dates and how to participate

In addition to the multimillion rupees top prize in the first category, the Lottery also provides for a daily draw during the broadcast “It’s always noon!”. You can check if you have won one of the daily prizes.

Lottery ticket registration

In order to access the daily draws. It is necessary to register the KBC Company lottery ticket and follow the indicated procedure. which involves entering a 10-digit code. It is obtain by scratching the ticket code hidden under the wording “Scratch Here”. If you have a paper ticket; if the ticket was purchase online, the code is just below the broadcast logo.

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Check winnings daily prizes of the Lottery

To check the daily prizes, it is advisable to follow the live TV of the associated program. Alternatively, if you missed the live broadcast.  You can check if you are among the winners on the appropriate page of the KBC Company lottery official website.

Also on the KBC Company lottery section of the My Lotteries app it allows you to check if your ticket is a winner. In fact, there is a dedicated section inside to instantly check if your ticket is a winner or not.

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