Myths and Tales That Surround the Wholesale Larimar Gemstone Jewelry

The precious stone larimar is only found in the Caribbean. Another name for it is “The Blue Stone of the Caribbean. In 1825, Larimar was discovered by Jose de Larramendi. On the shore of Coiba, an island off the coast of Panama, he discovered it. The stone appeared to be an emerald at first, but it was actually a rare blue variety of pectolite. For more than 200 years, it has been mined and used to create jewelry, decorations, and other attractive items. Larimar gemstone jewelry is valued for its healing properties in addition to its rarity and beauty. Larimar is a unique blue stone that has been mined in the Dominican Republic for countless years. Since antiquity, people have utilized it as a jewel, including the early inhabitants of North America.

Larimar was initially discovered in 1499 by the Spanish, who were searching for gold. The name “larimar” for the stone is derived from the Spanish word for “search.” Larimar is said to turn blue when exposed to sunlight or the moon, which is one of the many myths surrounding how it acquired its distinctive color.

The Rise Of Larimar As A Popular Healing Stone

Since the Aztec era, Larimar has been utilized as a healing stone. It is said to provide therapeutic benefits for both the body and the mind. Common healing stone larimar has numerous applications. It can be used to heal people or even be worn as a diamond. By encouraging people to reflect on the positive aspects of life, Larimar gemstone jewelry can also aid in coping with loss and sadness. The wearer is also said to benefit from tranquility and protection from negative energies. In actuality, it was the region’s first-ever discovery of a gem.

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Folklore, Legend, Myths, And Other Healing Properties

People believe that its abilities can calm us down, enlighten us, and heal our emotional, bodily, mental, and spiritual bodies. Larimar helps people get wisdom from inside by opening up the heart, throat, and head chakras. It represents clarity, serenity, love, and healing. Stressed-out or worried people are said to benefit from Larimar. You’ll be awakened, calmed down, and given a state of mind, body, and soul health thanks to Lamirar’s healing abilities. Because they were so effective at expelling negative energies, crystals, and gemstones were often utilized as medicines. Larimar has a pure energy source.

Interesting Facts About Larimar

In the Caribbean Sea, there is a stone called Larimar. It was given a distinctive shape by nature. Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, corals and algae turned to stone. The Caribbean Sea is where a precious stone called Larimar was discovered. While on a search for new aquatic life species, Father Bernabe Salcedo discovered it. He brought it back to Colombia, where he was born, after discovering it on the ocean floor. He presented it to Queen Maria I of Spain there.

Coral and algae remains that were buried deep in the ocean floor millions of years ago make up the stone. The coral and algae remains were preserved while a coral reef formed all around them. These creatures were buried beneath many feet of dirt after they passed away.

Is Larimar a Pricey Stone?

Even though fine larimar jewelry might be incredibly pricey, the majority of people can afford it. There are affordable items under $50 as well as more expensive pieces that cost over $1,000. The gem’s quality and the overall quality of the piece’s construction are the only things that matter.

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What Signs Point to a Real Larimar Stone?

Similar to white jade, true Larimar possesses milky, opaque, creamy white veins and streaks. Like with dyed quartz sold as Larimar, there are no tiny, translucent crystals that resemble sugar crystals.

Is Larimar Fakeable?

According to what we observed, only around half of the Larimar sold today is genuine; nevertheless, the majority of the beads are phony. Make sure to purchase from a reputable seller (excellent online reviews don’t count). One of the most trusted gemstone wholesalers & Manufacturer is Rananjay Exports, and we assure you that at least some of the beads on the string have an only-larimar feel.


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