Nature’s Treasures: Super Seven Jewelry for Earthly Glamour

What Is Super 7?

Technically speaking, the Super 7 stone (super seven stone) isn’t a single gemstone. It really consists of seven distinct crystals, including the following: Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, and Lepidocrocite. Quartz encases each of the mentioned minerals. They can all continue to exist as a single crystal as a result. Super seven specimens occasionally also have hematite, albeit this is rather uncommon. Some people refer to the stone as Super 8 to signify inclusion when that occurs.


Because it comprises a variety of minerals, Super 7 has a wide range of colors. Typically, the Super 7 amethyst part has the most pronounced hue. Lepidocrocite’s reddish undertones, though, can also be noticeable. Quartz and smokey quartz produce clear, white, or grey colors, which aren’t quite as stunning as the typical reds and purples. Although the hues of cacoxenite, goethite, or rutile can be rich, there is also a potential that they will appear a little subdued in contrast.

The History Of Super 7

The Melody Stone is the name of the Super 7 Stone. Technically speaking, the name “Melody Stone” refers to a brand and a trademark of the business that sells the gem. Super 7 is a decorative stone in general. It’s a popular gemstone for jewelry making and collecting.

Where Is Super 7 Found?

There is only one mine where you can find real Super 7. Espirito Santo was the name of the place, which was in the Brazilian state of Minas Geris. Other locations, including Bahia, Brazil, and one in India, have also yielded some stones that resemble Super 7. They typically don’t, nevertheless, include all seven gems. As a result, depending on the number of gemstones present, they are frequently offered under various titles, such as Super 6 or Super 5.

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Super 7 Jewelry

Chain retailers won’t carry Super seven jewelry, mostly because the gem’s appearance and makeup are simply too variable to be suited for mass manufacture. However, independent designers like it a lot. Typically, super seven jewelry items will contain polished, tumbled, or raw Super 7. For bracelets and necklaces, beads and cabochons are popular choices; however, natural Super 7 is also frequently used for pendants and pendulums.

Super 7 Meaning

The significance of a Super 7 crystal is often a combination of all the characteristics of the stones found inside each Super 7 crystal. Being able to link to several chakras makes super seven a balanced stone. A greater level of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment are two additional advantages of wearing super seven jewelry.

Some people believe that super seven jewelry’s healing abilities might aid with respiratory problems, inflammation, and pain relief. Some claim that super seven jewelry strengthens the immune system. No gemstone, however, has a known cure for any illness. To decide on the best course of action if you have a health problem, you should always see your doctor.

Healing Properties Of Super 7

Accessing the spirit realm and releasing its wisdom depend on Super Seven. This stone’s high-frequency aids in attuning one’s energy to that of celestial entities, which improves understanding of the significance and function of one’s soul. Super Seven jewelry ushers in the capacity to connect to one’s prior life experiences as well as help to address questions that one might have for the rest of their life. One can take old wisdom with them for several lifetimes thanks to these past life events. In order to access and use this information in one’s present life, super seven jewelry aids in bringing it to the fore.

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It is possible to push for perfect mental clarity while expanding your consciousness by working with Super Seven jewelry. Super Seven jewelry aids in bringing one’s mental fortitude to the fore, unlocking it, and encouraging one to analyze pent-up feelings and ideas. One can start the process of channeling greater information down to an earthly dimension if they are able to start cleansing their mind. Once this energy is anchored using Super Seven jewelry, one may use it to propel themselves toward their most cherished aspirations.


The Super 7 crystal and Auralite 23 do share certain similarities when compared. Both include a combination of minerals, stones, and elements. They also share a few minerals in common, such as rutile, lepidocrocite, goethite, and cacoxenite.

Depending on the item, the colors of the two jewels may be comparable. This is mostly due to the fact that both can have pronounced levels of purple and red tones. Although there may be variations dependent on the particular makeup of each specimen, the opacity may also be identical.

The two jewels often receive the same treatment. When used in jewelry, they are often decorative and are polished or tumbled rather than faceted. However, there are frequently noticeable compositional variances as well. More minerals and elements may be present in auralite 23. As a result, Auralite 23 can have hues that are absent from Super 7.

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Final Reflections

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