On Page SEO Ranking Factors in 2023 for Higher Ranking in SERP

If You have already built your website or blog properly then now, you need SEO & if you have the question why you need SEO? Then I recommend reading our previous article about why you need SEO for your website? For running a perfect SEO campaign, you need to cover both parts of SEO those are On-page or On-Site SEO & Off-page or Off-site SEO.

In this article, we will discuss the most important factors of on-page SEO for better ranking on search engines like google, bing, yahoo & so on.  These basics on page SEO factors play a vital role to rank a website on SERP or search engine result page. Applying these on page SEO strategies perfectly you can provide a great impact on your website for better ranking. So, let’s get into it & find the most important on page SEO ranking factors.

On page SEO Ranking Factors for Higher Ranking in SERP

Keyword in the Title

The impact of putting the main keyword in the title is huge & the keyword should be at the starting of the title. This is the title that search engines show on their result pages. This helps to find the page easily by the search engines which helps to get ranking easily.

Keyword in Meta Description

Writing a good meta description is always good for better ranking. This description is shown as a small paragraph on SERP. The meta description must be unique & the focus keyword or the main targeted keyword must be in it. This helps search engines to understand what is the page about & also the readers.

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Keyword in URL Structure

Having a good URL structure means that the site will get prioritized by the search engines. Your targeted keyword must be in the URL & the URL or the page or post must be small. It is better to have the URL as the name of the keyword.

Keyword in image “alt” tag

It is another most important on page SEO ranking factor. The search engines cannot read the image but it can read the “alt tag” or “alter tag” which ensures that what is the image about. Keeping the focus keyword as “alt tag” of images help search engine to read it & give a better ranking since it can easily understand what is it about.

Keywords in the first paragraph

While setting up the keywords in the body of the page or article, keep in mind that you must put the focus keyword in the first paragraph of the pages or article. This will help a lot for getting a higher ranking.

Keyword in Bold or Italic

Doing this means that the keyword phrase is very important & has some valuable point & search engine can read & understand this. So, it can be a good SEO factor for better ranking.

Keywords in Header Tags

Header tags like h1, h2, h3 are very important to search engines. These refer to the titles of the pages. Keeping keywords in the title means it get prioritize this thus it works as an on page SEO ranking factor.

Internal & External Linking

Internal linking means that the page is linked to another page of the same site so the engine can be in the site & the external linking means that the page is linked to an external reference page of other domains or websites.

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Page Load Time

Page load time is great on page SEO ranking factor. Visitors like faster loading pages & search engines always try to ensure the best user experience. If the page takes much time the user experience gets disrupted for the reason engines down the ranking. So, the page must be faster.


The content of the page plays a great role. The content must belong & the readability must be ensured. Another key point to notice that the content must be unique and fresh. Larger content gets prioritize by the search engines & can be get ranked easily.

Keyword Placement

This means that you need to keep keywords in the content. Placing keyword in the perfect location of the content helps to get ranked easily. The perfect placing of keywords & the keeping perfect keyword density helps to get rank in SERP.

Schema Markup

This is a type of microdata that tells a search engine about the site. This markup helps search engines to identify and understand the type of site & every detail about the site. Setting up the markup provides a great advantage for ranking.

Mobile Friendliness

Most of the visitors now a day come from mobile devices. So, the website must be mobile-friendly so that the user can read the site easily. This better user experience helps to provide the site better ranking.

Broken Link Management

Broken links are very harmful to the website. This link refers to those links that are not working or show a 404 error. The links must be replaced with other links or the pages must be removed from the site. But it is better to replace it with other links.

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This means that the site is secure. Having https security, the website is secure from any type of malware attack & the user data will remain safe. Because of the safe site the search engine support by providing a better rank of the site.

XML Sitemap

This is another important on page SEO ranking factor that refers that the site is properly submitted to the search engine. This map helps search engines to get indexed every page of the website. Submitting sitemap helps a lot to get indexed & rank.


This is quite related to broken link management. If you create a huge backlink for a page & somehow the page or link is broken or change the URL then this helps a lot. Redirecting from the old link to the new link helps the visitors & also the backlink remains constant.

Final Words

Hope this article helps you a lot to understand those on page SEO ranking factors. You must apply these for better ranking for your website. In the next article, we will help with how to implement those factors in your websites step by step. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment & let everyone know about it.

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