11 Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks

Backlink is one of the major things for ranking on any search engine. Though the search engines change their algorithm very frequently still backlink has a strong place for getting ranking on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, etc.

Our link building strategy or backlink creation techniques are almost the same. What do we do? Do comment on niche related sites or do article submission, pdf submission, or something else. But in most of these cases, we got No-Follow backlinks.  Contributing as a guest to other blogs may help a lot while creating backlinks. But only guest posting can’t help a lot to increase authority backlinks for your site to rank on search engines.

Having quality backlinks for your website or blog will help you a lot to get rank any search engine easily. You need to create Do-Follow & high-quality backlinks in order to rank faster & this will also help you to get more traffic to your website. If you are not sure what to do for creating high-quality backlinks for your website, then not to worry about this. Here are techniques to create high-quality backlinks for your website & these techniques are proven and used by many famous bloggers or digital marketers.

11 Techniques to Create High-quality Backlink

Guest Posting

This is one of the most effective Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks to create high-quality backlinks that are preferred by many bloggers. The concept of guest posting is very simple, this means that the blogger will write a post for another blog site that is owned by another person. The writers will write great content to publish that on other’s sites in return they will get a niche related quality backlink. Usually, the backlink comes from the author bio section which the writer will provide with his content.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting is a great way for increasing backlinks & also to increase traffic to your website. Doing a perfect guest post may help you a lot. But how to do a perfect guest post? Here is the way you need to follow:

  1. Find the blogs related to your niche that accept guest blogging on their site. You can easily find them from the search engine by using this method.

Your keyword “Submit Guest Post”

Your Keyword “Guest Post”

Your Keyword “Write for Us”

Your keyword “Guest Post Guidelines”

  1. Finding out the sites you need to make sure to read their guidelines so that you can write a post for their site. Again, if you have any problem then you can contact the admin through email.
  2. Contact the admin to make sure that this guest posting is free or not. As many sites accept only paid guest posts.
  3. Write great content or article for their site. Make sure that the article must be relevant to their site & it doesn’t post yet on any site. It must be unique.
  4. Send your article to the admin by using the method they accept whether a contact form or email.
  5. You also need to specify your author bio so that you can get a backlink from them.
  6. Follow up on the post.

Using these simple steps, you can do a perfect guest post for your site.


Create Evergreen Content

We all know that content is king & every search engine likes the content that is natural & can be used for the long term. Not that content like news, posts, or other trending topics. You need to publish content that can be read for a long time period. Evergreen content not just helps to get rank on search engines but also helps to get huge quality backlinks for your site.

If you’re willing to write a great evergreen content then you can follow these simple steps for writing great content for your website.

  1. Finding the Perfect Keyword: Before start writing evergreen content, you need to do some keyword research on that topic you want to write & this must be relevant to your site. You can use sites like ahref, semrush keyword tools, Google AdWords & so on. These tools will help you to find a nice keyword for your content. Remember keywords must have a decent amount of search volume & keyword difficulty must be low.
  2. Write a big content: After selecting your keyword you need to write the content. You need to make sure that your content must be insightful & it’s huge. In recent years search engines like google give priority to the content that is between 3500 to 4500 words. But in the future, this may be not working. This is why you need to write a huge content that is more than 6000 words so that you can get priority from search engine.
  3. Refresh & Repost: If you have posted your content long before then it may lose from the search results. You need to find out that your post is on rank or not. If not then you need to edit some insights & repost your content. This will help you to get your desire again.
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Use Infographic for Backlinks

Infographics are one of the best ways to teach anything. These one-page images will have so much information & insights about your blog or business. Infographics are very popular on social media & you can create backlinks from this infographic for your website.

infographics submission

Here’s how you can use infographics as a Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks.

  1. Create an Infographic: The first thing you need to do is create an interactive & eye-catching infographic. For this, you can hire professional infographic designers from any marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour & so on. These professionals will design an infographic for you. But if you don’t will to do that, you can create your own infographic by using tools like Canva, Venngage, & Piktochart. This will allow you to create infographics easily as they have so many free & paid templates for you.
  2. Submit Infographics: After creating your infographic you need to submit them on different infographic submission sites for sharing your one with a huge community & also get a backlink. If you don’t know where to submit, you can use our best infographic submission site list that will help you a lot. Remember some of the infographic submission sites are paid & most of the site accepts only quality & interactive infographics.

Steal Backlinks of Your Competitors

This is another useful way to get backlinks for your website. In this technique, you need to find out from where your competitors get backlinks & you also need to get backlinks from those resources. For that, you can use direct google search on that specific keyword. So, how to steal backlinks from your competitors? Here’s how

  1. Use of Search Engine: You first need to search your keyword on search engines & find the ranked sites. Make an excel sheet or google spreadsheet & take all the pages URL that ranked on that specific keywords. Take the result from the first 2/3 search pages & complete the sheet with those URLs.
  2. Using Tools: In this step, you need to use some tools to find out where those sites get backlinks. You can use ahref & semrush backlink analysis tools. How to? Log in on your account whatever it is ahref or semrush, then copy an URL that you collected and search it from the search bar of ahref or semrush. This will give you a list of sites from where they get backlinks. You can filter them to follow, nofollow, or sponsored. Getting the list, you need to create another sheet & copy the sites you get from the tools.
  3. Emailing or contacting: If you’ve done the first two steps completely then you need to find out the emails of those site admin & mail them. In that mail, you need to mention your content & how it can be helpful. Don’t email them without a great post this will disappoint them. If your content is ok then probably you will get a backlink from them.
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Backlink stealing


Use Broken Links

Using broken link building is another Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks to get quality backlinks for your website. In this method, you need to use the broken links available on the internet. There are tons of broken URLs on the internet that show a 404 error when you visit them. You need to find them & create backlinks from these links.

Steps for Using Broken Links for backlinks

  1. In the first step, you need to find out the broken links. In order to find out you can use tools like Check My Links & Broken Link Checker. These tools will help you to find the broken links easily.
  2. Finding out the broken links you need to contact the admin of that site. You need to notify them about the error & also make sure to know them that this is harmful to the website ranking.
  3. In the third step, you need to share your relevant link from your site so that you can get a backlink from that broken link by replacing the old backlink that is broken or removed now.

broken link building


Submit your Site on Directories

If your site is new & you want to increase publicity of your site besides getting backlinks. This method will help you to do both. Submitting your website on directory listing sites will help you to increase publicity of your site & also give a great backlink.

In this method, you need to submit your website URL & also your website description & other details like email, name & other information to the directories. They will index your website to their site & you will get a great backlink. These sites give both dofollow & nofollow backlink. You can take what you want. But where to find these sites for submitting your site. You can use our best do follow the directory listing site list to that easily.

Create Profile Backlinks

Creating a profile backlink is another useful tactic for creating high-quality backlinks for your website. This will allow you to have a stable backlink for your website & also increase branding for your website. Being social sites, these sites will also allow you to get huge traffic.

It is a very effective way to get huge backlinks but how to do & where to find so many sites for creating profile backlinks. Here is how & where:

  1. In the first step, you need to find the sites. You can find them by using our best profile creation site list. This will help to find the site easily.
  2. In the second step, you need to go any site & register thereby giving the username, email & password, in some cases other information like date of birth, country, etc.
  3. In this step, you need to confirm your mail & edit your profile or complete your profile. Complete your profile by giving your name, website URL, social media link, about you & so on.
  4. Done. In the third step, you’ve created your profile & also a backlink for your website. And now go some ping submission sites & ping this profile URL. This will help you to get index your profile on different sites.
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Create Interactive Content

Users always don’t like the huge post to read. This is boring sometimes. This is why you need to create some interactive & interesting content and this is another Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks. For that, you can use quizzes, polls, calculator generator & so on. This not only allows you to have huge traffic but also help you to huge authority backlinks for your site, that is desired by you.

Use Forum Sites

This is another Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks to create high-quality backlinks. Discussion forums are always liked by search engines like google. This type of backlinks will help to get a great backlink & also tons of traffic. But before that, you need to learn more about your niche, understand what to do. Here’s how you can earn a backlink from a forum site.

  1. In the first step, you need to find a niche relevant forum site. For example, if you are looking for digital marketing or SEO related forum you can find them easily from our forum site lists.
  2. After that, you need to register for a forum account. Remember while creating account some site sill allows you to get a link from your profile. But this is not the desired link.
  3. You need to give an answer to other’s questions & you can also be asked for something there. But in the first few days, you don’t need to post any links.
  4. When you are getting familiar with that forum you can give one or two links in every thread or question & answer but don’t do that daily. Do that once or twice a week. This will give a high-quality backlink to your website.

Writing testimonials

You can write testimonials or reviews for other’s posts or products. This may look a little wired that why you need to do that but it will increase your backlink for your site. But how to get backlinks from testimonials?

While you write a testimonial for any product or service you need to mention your name & also your website link. If your testimonials are good quality them the admin will post your one on their site with your name anchoring with your website link. In this way, you may get backlinks for your website.

Comment on Relevant site or Blog

This is an old but Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks to get quality backlinks for your website. In this method, you need to find blog post that is relevant to your website or blog. You need to find a post and after reading the post very carefully you need to do a comment about the post by using the comment box where you also need to give your name, email & web URL. Most of the site admin takes time for moderating the comment & if your comment is good then they will accept your comment & approve and everyone can see it below that post. Thus, you will get a backlink from your site.


Till now you have learned about some Proven Techniques To Create Authority Backlinks. You can use these link building methods to increase the backlinks of your site. We also need to know if you’ve anything new about creating backlinks. You can share it with us.

Again, if there is any problem or wrong about this article you can notify us.

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