A Guide to Using Filters and Search Function on SSRMovies

SSRMovies is one of the largest online movie databases, hosting information on thousands of titles. With such a vast catalogue, it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. This guide will show you how to utilize the powerful filters and search features on SSRMovies to refine your results.


When browsing movies on ssr movies point , you’ll see filter options on the left-hand side. These allow you to narrow down movies based on specific criteria.

Genre Filters

The genre filters let you select movies belonging to categories like action, comedy, drama and more. You can pick one genre or multiple genres at once. This is useful if you’re in the mood for a particular type of film.

Release Year FiltersĀ 

The release year filters allow you to choose a range of years. You can look at newly released movies from the current year or a previous year, or set the range further back to browse classics from earlier decades.

Rating Filters

The rating filters sort movies by their MPAA or international rating. This includes options like G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17. Use these filters if you want movies appropriate for certain ages.

Runtime Filters

The runtime filters let you see movies within a certain length, whether you only have 90 minutes or want an epic 200+ minute film. Adjusting these filters is handy when you have a time limit.

Custom Filters

At the top of the filters section are buttons to select “Any” or “All” criteria. Clicking “Any” will show movies that match one or more filters, while “All” will only show movies that meet all selected filters simultaneously.

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Advanced Search

For more robust searching, use the search bar at the top of the SSRMovies site. This allows for customized keywords, as well as remembering past searches easily.

Title/Keyword Searching

Naturally, entering a movie title into the search bar will show you the corresponding page for that film. You can also search for partial titles or keywords related to movies. For example, “Robert De Niro” will find all his films.

Combine Filters + Searching

Where the search really shines is combining terms with filters. You can search for “comedy 1990” to get lighthearted movies from three decades ago, narrowing your funny films from that era. Or search for “action thriller R rating” to get grittier genre picks.


Utilizing the icons next to search results keeps your parameters handy. Bookmark combinations that work for you with the star icon. Then you can quickly view those movies again by going to your “Saved Searches”. The share icon allows sending search links to friends as recommendations too.

Browsing Suggestions

Once you’ve got a handle on filters and searching, it’s fun to browse categories like “Staff Picks”, “Oscars” or “Box Office Hits” for new discoveries. You can also view films by director, producer, writer or other roles if you like a certain creative’s output. Happy exploring!

In conclusion, using the filters, search functions and browsing options provided by SSRMovies allows users to precisely target the movies they want to find. With some practice selecting the right criteria, you’ll be able to locate obscure titles as well as popular films. Get exploring to expand your movie knowledge on this thorough online database.

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