What You Need To Know About Technical SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of ranking a website on some specific keyword or search term on any search engine. For a better & long-term ranking on any search engine, you must do a complete SEO for your website. The complete SEO doesn’t mean just doing on-page and off-page SEO for the website. These two are very important for ranking but there is another term called Technical SEO which is also very important for better ranking.

Technical SEO refers to the optimization of the server of the website so that the crawler or search engine bot can easily crawl the site easily & indexed it to the search engine. Technical SEO refers to several tasks to complete better SEO results like,

    • Site Speed
    • Structured Data
    • Canonicalization
    • XML Sitemap
    • Mobile-Friendly website
    • Duplicate Content issues


Site Speed

Users always like those websites that load fast & take less time to load the content. The website takes much time to load is very boring & user leaves those websites with viewing the content. So, we can the user experience of those sites are not so good. As search engines always try to ensure a better user experience, they remove those sites from the ranking. So, it is a must to speed up the speed of any website.

For speeding up the website you must use a server that provides much speed. Aside from that using optimized image, optimized CSS or HTML ensure better speed for a website.


Structured Data

There are different types of websites online, for recognizing the type of website easily search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. introduced structured data or schema markup.  This structured data contains information on the website like website name, URL, type of website, address, social media profiles & so on. This information helps search engines to understand the website & it also helps to get rank easily since by providing these data the website helps search engines.

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There are many websites from where you can generate schema or structured data for your website or from the official website of markup where you will find tons of category & from there you need to select your own type of markup relevant to your site.



It is nothing but a tag that tells the search engine that a page URL of your website is an original copy or not. This mainly helps when your website has a duplicate copy of content & you want to rank on a specific copy of that content on the search engine. You need to add a canonical tag on that specific copy & the search engine will rank on that specific page.


XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is the list of URLs of a website that says search engine that the website has these URLs to index on the search engine. It’s a path that a search engine bot follows & index all the URLs from the list. For example, expertseoinfo.com has almost 100+ URLs listed in the XML sitemap, search engine bot can go through these lists of URLs from the sitemap & index them to its database. The sitemap not online includes the pages of the website but also the posts of the website.

If you’re using WordPress & using plugins that provide an XML sitemap generator then it automatically generates the sitemap, you don’t need to generate it again. And if you are not using WordPress or using a custom website then there are many tools available online to generate it. They will generate the sitemap & you need to download the XML file & put it on your Cpanel file manager where the website is hosted.

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Mobile Friendliness

The use of the mobile phone is increasing day by day & people don’t always use a computer or tablet to visit online. Most of the time they use mobile phones to visit a website or search for something online. This is because a website must be mobile friendly so that user experience can be preserved. If the website is not mobile-friendly when it loads on a mobile phone it will break & content cannot be understood easily. Users need to scroll from left to right again and again for reading the content. It is so boring & users will leave the site & the bounce rate will increase thus search engine will down the site from the search results.

So, it is a must the website is mobile friendly.


Duplicate Content Issue

Nobody doesn’t like to read the same content again and again & the search engine doesn’t like it also. If a website has duplicate content or a type of content that has the same information more than one search engine will consider it as duplicate content & thinking of user experience it will down the page from SERP that contains the content. So, for better ranking, your website must not have any duplicate content for a better place in SERP


These are some factors that matter for technical SEO. There are some other factors but these are the most important factors. Hope you got the points & will fix them if your website has those issue and these will help you a lot to rank the website on any search engine.

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