Top 10 Punjabi Foods To Enjoy While Traveling on Train

Punjab, a nation with five rivers and a thriving agricultural sector, is renowned for its cuisine. The peasant way of life has a strong influence on the regional Punjabi cuisine, which is renowned throughout India.

Punjab is referred to as the breadbasket of the nation because it is one of India’s agriculturally most prosperous states. The variety of cuisines reflects how significantly food has influenced Punjabi culture. You can make Lunch Order In Train with some amazing Punjabi dishes. 

Let’s look at some of the best Punjabi foods you can order and eat while traveling by train.


Makki Ki Roti Sarson Ka Saag

Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti is what people refer to as Punjabi food when discussing the cuisine. A mustard-based dish with a mildly bitter flavor is sarson ka saag. In contrast, cornmeal is used to make makki ki roti.


The best pairing for sarso ka saag and makki ki roti is desi ghee and green chili.


The Amritsari Kulcha.

The crispy and sweet Punjabi equivalent of naan is called Amritsari Kulcha. There are many different kinds with traditional Punjabi fillings like aloo kulcha, masala kulcha, and paneer kulcha. Spiced Punjabi kulcha is served with chana chole and a complimentary beverage, such as lassi or buttermilk.


It is a traditional Punjabi treat for Online Food Delivery on Train travel in addition to being delicious.

Tandoori Chicken


Bhatti Da Murg is another name for tandoori chicken in Punjabi cuisine. An Indian oven, used to cook roti, naan, and chicken roti, is located in the courtyard of a Punjabi home.

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This dish features medium-sized pieces of chicken that have been marinated in a delectable sauce. Coriander, turmeric, chili, chicken paste, and other spices are used to create the traditional Punjabi tandoori masala. During the train ride, you will enjoy the marinated chicken served on skewers cooked in the tandoor oven with fresh lemon. This is the best Lunch Order In Train option 

Bhature Chole


One of the most well-known Punjabi dishes that is well-liked in India is chole bhature. Chole and bhatura are made from dough made from accepti chana (chickpea) and fine flour (maida), and they go well together.


Delicious red chole, thick, crunchy bhature, and lightly fried puris are all available. Chole Bhatura is your best option if you plan to eat Punjabi food while traveling by train.

Dal makan

Among Punjabi cuisine, Dal Makhani is a well-liked dish. Butter, whole black lentils (urad daal), rajma, spices, and beans are used to make it. The component that makes Dal Makhani so unique is foxnut (makhana).

For an hour, all ingredients are cooked to a thick and creamy consistency. You can eat daal makhani with naan or tandoori roti on the train for texture.

Punjabi Fish Fry


Even though fish is not a common food in Punjab, people there adore crispy, fresh fish that has been fried. Paprika and other seasonings are added to gram flour (besan), which is then used to coat freshwater fish before frying it to a golden brown color. This wholesome dish, also referred to as Amritsari Fried Fish, is ideal for train trips.

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Punjabi Paneer Tikka Cuisine


A specialty of Punjabi cuisine called paneer tikka is sometimes mistaken for chicken by vegetarians. Sliced cheese is marinated in a hot tandoori masala to create paneer. Salted cheese slices are threaded onto skewers and fried.

Punjabis, however, favor tandoor-cooked paneer tikka. The nostalgic paneer tikka, which is served with onion and lemon, makes one think of a typical Punjabi meal on a train.


One of the most well-known and traditional Punjabi dishes is lassi. It is a curd-based beverage with a lot of health advantages. Summertime train travel can be made more relaxing by drinking lassi, which is typically served in a large glass with cream and dry fruit toppings. Additionally, you have the choice of several flavors, including strawberry, rose, and mango, if you order lassi from Zoop.

Kadhi pakora from Punjab


The well-known Punjabi dish Kadhi Pakora is made from a besan (gram flour) and yogurt mixture.

Pakora, a type of deep-fried vegetable fritter, is served with yogurt-based curry. It is frequently served with steamed rice, which has a truly heavenly flavor and aroma.

Order a Punjabi Kadhi Pakora made in the style of a Dhaba using the Zoop Lunch Order In Train service right this second.


Typically consumed in the winter, pinni is a sweet Punjabi dish. Almonds, cashews, and jaggery are used in its preparation, along with wheat flour and ghee. Until it turns brown and begins to emit a pleasant aroma, pinni is cooked on a low flame. Punjabis consume Pinni as a nutritional supplement that gives them an instant energy boost in addition to its alluring flavor.

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Why is food from Punjab so well-liked?

Similar to Punjabi cuisine, it is hearty and robust. Punjabi food is so well-liked because it uses hearty spices and top-notch ingredients, whether it be in church, or non-vegetarian recipes like lassi, rumali roti, stuffed paratha, or tandoori chicken. Punjabis are renowned for their generosity and culinary expertise. These elements combine to make Punjabi cuisine well-known not just in India but also abroad.

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