Top 3 SEO Plugins For WordPress to Use In 2023

While using WordPress websites you may be worried about SEO set-up for your website then you need to use a plugin. There are more than 90 SEO plugins for WordPress but which one is best & which plugin you should use for your WordPress site for better SEO performance.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 3 SEO plugins for WordPress which will allow improvement overall SEO performance of your website.  These plugins are used to using & helps to identify SEO problems & give instruction to solve the problems easily. So, let’s drive into it.

Top 3 SEO plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO

yoast seo


Since 2008 this plugin is one of the best SEO plugins that are available. With over 5 million active downloads it is always at the top of the priority list while using the WordPress SEO plugin. It is very trusted & takes care of your website from every aspect. What are the main features of this plugin? Let’s see,

Site aspect

  1. Verify website in webmaster tools for popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu.
  2. It automatically generates a sitemap for the site for faster indexing.
  3. Create breadcrumbs
  4. Predefined SEO template for Title, description, meta tag, the schema for pages & posts.
  5. Easy & quick way to edit robots.txt files through file editor tool.
  6. Bulk editor tool allows to edit title, description, tag easily without going to pages or post separately.
  7. Show indications about SEO performance.

Page aspect

  1. Add different schema types for each page from the schema tab easily.
  2. Customize Title, description, tags.
  3. Open graph tags & create social media card for Facebook & Twitter
  4. Add canonical tags on similar pages.
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Yoast SEO not only helps by ensuring the above features but also provides an SEO analysis report which may be very handy to optimize the pages or post for your targeted keywords. You will get a particular report for each page or post which will help to find out what you need to improve through the post.

Not only SEO report Yoast also provides Readability which means how the post or page easy or difficult to read. This readability analysis will help you to find out about paragraph length, sentence length, subheading distributions, usage of passive voice, & so on. This report will help to improve the post so that readers can easily read the post.


All in one SEO

all in one seo


This is another best SEO plugin. From the first launched in 2007, this plugin is downloaded over 2 million times & it is very useful for beginners. All in One SEO is almost identical to Yoast but it comes with more efficient, customizable & extra features than the Yoast SEO plugin. So, let’s see the features of this plugin,

Apart from the identical features of Yoast, this plugin has extra features like,

  1. Check system status related to SEO & optimize it.
  2. Edit robots.txt file through a user-friendly interface.
  3. Built-in API.
  4. SEO integration for e-commerce websites including WooCommerce.
  5. Generate Meta tags automatically.
  6. Easily edit .htaccess file without FTP server.
  7. Block bad bots including referral spam

So, if you want to optimize your website easily & efficiently you can use this plugin for free. This plugin has more features like translating to 57 languages that can help from different lingual people.

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Rank Math

rank math seo plugin


This WordPress plugin is one of the amazing SEO plugins available. This is one of the best tools that takes the website to another level with its outstanding features & efficient strategy.  This plugin has more and advanced features to highly optimize your website & a very impressive and user-friendly interface.

Let’s see the impressive features of this top SEO plugin for WordPress.

  1. Simple & user-friendly Interface: While you have a user-friendly interface, the workflow will automatically improve. This plugin has an amazing & powerful user-interface that helps to find important information about the posts & pages.
  2. Easy to Follow Setup Wizard: It is super easy to configure and setup the plugin step by step. This also set up social profiles. Webmaster profiles as well as other essential SEO settings.
  3. Fix Google Crawl Errors: This is a very powerful feature of this plugin. You will get about the errors your site has. This feature will help to track & resolve the crawl errors of your site for a better user experience.
  4. Automated Image SEO: Without changing the posts this plugin automatically adds image ALT and title attributes for all images of the sites.
  5. Advanced SEO Analysis: On the basis of 40 SEO factors this plugin analyzes & makes a report. This plugin examines websites by diving into its technical structure to detect issues & provide optimum recommendations to fix the problem.
  6. Schema Markup: Rank Math has 14 different types of building schema markup types which help to attain high rank by making your website more SEO-friendly.
  7. Keyword Tool: This plugin has a building keyword tool that allows getting multiple variants of your main keyword. With this, you can integrate more LSI keywords and drive more traffic.
  8. Track Ranking: Rank Math can track keywords ranking from the search console for free.
  9. Search Console Integration: The plugin has integrated a google search console that can help to have an insight into keywords, indexing, issue, and sitemap status directly from the WordPress admin panel.
  10. Redirection Manager: Redirection is very useful for redirecting from an old URL to a new one. Rank Math redirection manager helps to create, manage, delete, enable, or disable redirect with a couple of clicks.
  11. Webmaster tools: Rank Math ensures to verify your website for search engines like Bing, Yandex, and Baidu.
  12. Compatible with WooCommerce: The product page of the E-commerce site is different. This plugin helps to optimize the product page with its features.
  13. Google Keyword Suggestion: This plugin gives advice regarding focus keywords and eases task by bringing suggestions directly from google.
  14. Nofollow External Links: Rank Math automatically adds Nofollow tags to all external links so that link juice can be passed.
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This plugin has also so many useful features like, google treads tool, keyword comparison, news or blog sitemap for submitting websites on google news, video sitemap submission for google videos, link builder tool for internal linking, and so on.

Final Word

WordPress comes with so many SEO plugins here we just discuss the best 3 SEO plugin for setting up technical SEO. You might need some more plugins for analyzing your website & tracking your website. You can use one of these plugins for better technical SEO otherwise the technical SEO part will be lag behind than others.

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