How to Turn Off Notify Anyway On iPhone And iPad?

When you are texting someone who has focus mode activated on their device then you will probably get the message asking you if you want to notify them about it or not. 

In this blog we are going to tell you about how to turn off notify anyway on your device so without wasting time let us begin with the same. 

But before knowing how it can be turned off, you should first know about the meaning of this. 

Meaning of Notify Anyway for the users on their device – 

If you have focus mode or do not disturb mode activated on your device, and then if someone will send you a message then they will get access to a notification which says that the notifications has been silenced. 

Along with this you will also have a button which says, notify anyway and if they click on this option, you will get a push notification of the message on your device even though it is silenced. 

This feature is meant in a way so that the other people can still reach when your device is in focus mode in urgent situations or when there is an emergency. 

However, even though this feature is useful this way, it would provide a chance to others to annoy you as it leaves door for other to send you messages when you are trying to work or are trying to sleep.

After what does notify anyway mean, we will now know the steps which you are supposed to use to turn off the feature. 

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Step to Turn off the Notify Anyway Feature on iPhone and iPad Device – 

Here are the steps which you are required to follow for turning off the feature notification anyway. 

  • You need to begin with opening the settings of your device, following which you are needed to click on the focus button and then get to the next step. 
  • Now, in this step you are needed to hit on the focus status from the screen in front of you following which you are needed to click on toggle which is next to the option of share focus status for turning of the feature completely. 
  • Instead of this way, you can also turn off the sharing option for some specific focuses such as do not disturb, driving, sleep, work, etc. 
  • After following these steps you will be able to turn off the feature of notify anyway iphone in some simple and easy steps but you must follow all the steps exactly just how they have been mentioned for you. 

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