What is Sublimation Printing?

What is Sublimation?

 Before answering the question of what is sublimation, it is necessary to explain what sublimation is. As we provide the service of Dallas sublimation printing lets explain this method of printing. For sublimation, we must first have a solid substance on hand. When the required heat is given to the solid material in question, we expect it to liquefy under normal conditions. But when it comes to sublimation, the liquid phase phase is skipped and the solid material transitions directly to the gas phase. When we want to make a print using this technique, we come across sublimation digital printing . In the sublimation dye to be used in this printing technique, some chemicals are contained in microparticles. These micro parts are the main element of this technique. sublimation machine with the help of these paints and the main element particles in it pass through the machine to the surface to be printed. There is a transfer paper between this surface and the paint. The dyes placed on this transfer paper are subjected to pressure under high temperature, and the micro-particles become gaseous by sublimation. If polyester is not used in the area in question, the paint used in the gas phase may mix with the air and be wasted. In order to avoid such a problem, polyester materials should also be used during sublimation . Briefly, if the process in question is to be summarized, the transfer paper between the sublimation process and the surface to be printed ensures the realization of the printing process by trapping the dye within itself as soon as it becomes gaseous. 

How is Sublimation Done?

The chemical progression of the sublimation process is completely a state change event of a substance. The sublimation phenomenon, which everyone has seen since primary school, is used as a printing technique for the production of unique items with the advancement of science and technology. The visuality of the items produced with this printing is magnificent because the technique used ensures that the colors are extremely vivid. There are many different product options that can be made with the sublimation technique. Below is a list of some instances of these goods.

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    • Sublimation t-shirt

    • Sublimation cups

    • Sublimation keychain

    • Sublimation ceramic mug

    • Sublimation magnet

    • Sublimation roll paper

What are Sublimation Materials?

Although the sublimation process can be applied to almost any surface, the heat resistance of the surface to be made helps to realize a much more efficient production process. But this is not a requirement. Because innovations in technology have also improved this printing technique, and even products that are not heat resistant can be protected at the production stage. Sublimation products can be printed on a wide variety of materials. For example, fabrics containing polyester give very efficient results in this printing technique. In addition, sublimation mug production from ceramic products possible. This edition can also be used for metal-containing products. Considering that metal-containing products do not accept every print, it is revealed that sublimation printing is very useful and usable. Plastic products can also be colored using this type of printing if they are protected from heat. In addition, products such as watches, nameplates, key chains, phone covers, mouse pads, t-shirts can be produced with this method. 

What are the Materials Required for Sublimation?

Before moving on to the basic materials required for sublimation, it should be noted that polyester products must be close to the machine and the transfer paper must be of good quality. When a product such as a sublimation mug will be produced, it is designed in a completely digital environment and produced by giving approval for printing. We can easily state that a machine and printer capable of sublimation are indispensable in this regard. Special sublimation inks (with micro parts inside) and special transfer paper are also among the necessary materials. Printing press tools are required for printing. To summarize, the materials required for sublimation can be listed as follows.

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1. Computer and Printing Software

2. Sublimation Printer

3. Sublimation Transfer Paper

4. Sublimation Ink

5. Printing Press

Computer and Printing Software

Today, all kinds of transactions are carried out through computers. We are in an era where we carry out all kinds of work from computers, whether it is communication, information storage or looking at a simple recipe. Automation products are used more widely in factories, especially after the corona period. This means that computers commanded by computers are more popular than hand-held tools. In addition, a computer is required to determine the design to be printed. If you want someone you love to feel special and see how much they mean to you, you will probably give them a customizable gift. A photo taken during a good moment with him in this customizable gift,Sublimation gifts are your savior in this regard and in order to print them, the printing software must already be installed on the said process computer. 

Sublimation Printer

If the sublimation t-shirt is to be bought in bulk, it is very likely that sublimation printing will be applied. In addition, since sublimation printing products will be purchased wholesale, it is possible to take advantage of huge discount opportunities. The printer, which is one of the most indispensable devices of this printing, makes the production process very easy. 

Sublimation Transfer Paper

Sublimation transfer paper is responsible for holding the chemical micro-particles in the sublimation special ink and placing them in the print correctly. For example, if the mug is to be produced by sublimation method, this paper is wrapped around it and the paints are sprayed in this way. Thus, colors are placed in the right area and a very high quality appearance is provided.

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Sublimation Ink

These inks are very different from regular inks. Because these inks contain some parts called microparticles or microcrystals. These parts are the main players in the sublimation event. If these particles are not present, if they are not enough, if there are too many, you may encounter results that should not be. 

Printing Press

The printing press presses on the surface and transfer paper, causing the solid particles to suddenly turn into gas. Because under normal conditions, giving heat to a solid will first pass it into a liquid and then into a gas. However, if a suitable pressure is provided, it will be possible to reach the desired result by skipping this stage without going to the liquid phase. The printing press is also used for exactly this reason. But choosing the right pressure is critical here. A print value must be entered according to the product. 

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