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Ammolite: What is it?

An aragonite mineral, a type of fossilized ammonite, is called an ammolite jewelry. At the end of the Cretaceous era, ammonites, which resembled squids and swam all over the planet, went extinct. These ammonites’ exterior shells were deeply encased in volcanic ash and other materials. They were petrified, completely deprived of oxygen and water. It developed an aragonite layer due to fossilization, which then gave rise to ammolite. It is a gem that resembles opal that evolved through fossilization.

One of the few naturally occurring gems to be introduced in the past 70 years is ammolite. The World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) granted it official gemstone status in 1981. In the same year, commercial ammolite mining started. Lethbridge, Alberta, designated ammolite as its official gemstone in 2007. It is regarded as Canada’s National Stone as well.

Metaphysical Meaning of Ammolite

Ammonite fossilization results in the formation of ammolite. The ancient god Ammon, who regarded these creatures as being heavenly, is the source of the word ammonite.” Ammon is represented as having a ram’s head with spiral horns that resemble an ammonite’s spiral shell. The Roman historian Pliny the Elder regarded ammonite as sacred because he thought the stones conjured up prophetic dreams.

Ammolite is also a term for rebirth. The wearer can receive global energy from this stone by absorbing them. Ammolite is often regarded as a talisman for relationships, family, and love. The North American Blackfoot tribe is where the mythology of ammolite first appeared. It was found that Native Americans used the stone to fend against evil.

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Ammolite is said to absorb cosmic energy from the universe and transmit it to the user as health, wisdom, and good fortune, according to experts of feng shui. The well-being of the homeowner and their guests is strengthened and intensified by a high-grade ammolite stone. According to legend, the ammolite’s various layers help the Chi, or life energy, to transform negative energy into good. The ‘golden spiral’ or the Fibonacci sequence is also represented by the spiral shape of an ammonite’s shell.

The zodiac signs of Aquarius, Gemini, and Taurus are linked to ammolite.

The Symbolism of Ammolite Color

The iridescent aragonite layer gives the ammolite stone its colors. They reflect back from the platelet-stacked layers due to the light interference, creating a lovely spectrum. ‘Seven Color Prosperity Stone’ is another name for ammolite. It comes in each and every color of the rainbow. The harmony of earth, fire, metal, water, and wood is represented by these hues.

How uncommon is ammolite?

Although ammonites are found all over the world, the only ones of gemstone quality are located close to the St. Mary River in southern Alberta, Canada. Bearpaw Formation is the name of this rocky formation. These diamonds are among the rarest since they are made from fossilized ammonites, which are extinct animals. There are just six to eight years of mining left, according to estimates.

Where Can You Find Ammolite?

Ammonites of gemstone quality can only be discovered in Canada’s St. Marys River in Southern Alberta. The sedimentary minerals and rocks cover the ammonite shells or relics of the creatures. Ammolites develop above the shells in a thin, sheet-like layer, which gives them a prismatic quality.

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Mines for ammolite in Canada

The Bearpaw Formation in Alberta, the only location where gemstones are discovered, is where ammolite is mined in Canada.

Colorado Ammolite. Only in Canada are ammonites mined; they are not found anyplace else. Although they may be sent unpolished or used to make jewelry in Colorado, they are not there.

Arctic Ammolite

Ammolite gemstone is exclusively discovered and mined in Alberta, Canada, as was already noted. Alaska may include. However, these are not the gemstones known

Ammolite’s advantages

Gemstones called are regarded as love and romance talismans. It facilitates effective communication. According to legend, ammolite helps people relax and perform better. It is also claimed to relieve the suffering from previous lives. Meditation reduces agitation in tumultuous situations. It gives the person more endurance, prevents fatigue, and gives them a solid drive to live.

Chakra of Ammolite

Associated with the root chakra is ammolite. Also known as “Muladhara,” where “mul” stands for the root and “adhara” for the support or basis. At the base of the spine, the root chakra serves as the foundation for all chakras above it. It is referred to as the starting point for keeping balance. Use strengthens the root chakra’s abilities and aids in gaining stability and a sense of security. One is kept grounded by it. It harmonizes energy and bestows riches and good fortune on the stone’s user.


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