Exploring Wicker Bedroom Furniture Styles

Once relegated to garden-only use, wicker bedroom furniture has earned a prestigious place in interiors. Designers love its tactility and how it can single-handedly wake up a room.

A wicker nightstand is an ideal complement to coastal and tropical decor styles. Its woven texture also plays well with traditional patterns like seersucker stripes and global prints.

Peacock Chair

A woven peacock chair is a classic addition to any home, but it’s particularly popular for beach-inspired spaces. Whether you choose an orange, white, or green peacock chair, these seats can instantly transform any room into a tropical paradise. Originally used as photography props, these chairs can also be placed on porches with floral prints and tropical-print pillows, or in boho settings loaded with plants, geometric print fabrics, and midcentury accents.

The wicker peacock chair has a flared back that resembles the feathers of the bird after which it is named. According to the design book Chair: 500 Designs That Matter by Phaidon, the throne-like seat probably originated in Asia, with the first photograph of someone sitting in one taken in 1914 at Manila’s Bilibid Prison, where prisoners crafted and peddled woven furnishings on site.

White Wicker

Wicker is a versatile material that works well with almost any type of bedroom decor. However, it has one notable drawback: It tends to look dated and out of place in a modern or edgy decor style. Fortunately, you can mitigate this problem by using white wicker furniture. Which is both aesthetically appealing and suitable for any style of bedroom. White wicker bedroom furniture also has the advantage of being relatively easy to maintain. It requires only routine dusting, and it resists mold and mildew better than natural rattan.

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If you choose to use wicker bedroom furniture in a covered porch or other outdoor space, it’s a good idea to treat the wicker with a clear marine varnish. This product is similar to the tung oil that’s used on boats, and it helps protect the furniture from the elements. However, it’s important to note that this treatment is not a permanent solution and must be repeated regularly.

Bohemian Style

Infuse a bohemian feel in the bedroom with wicker bedroom furniture and decorative materials. This style features a global, exotic aesthetic that blends traditional patterns with vibrant colors. A large-print fabric panel makes a stylish substitute for a headboard in the bohemian bedroom. Pair it with framed ethnic jewelry and salvaged architectural trim.

The bohemian style is known for embracing natural elements, including woven textiles and wood accents. A wicker side table or divider screen offers these organic touches to the bedroom. A rattan trunk or dresser also complements the bohemian look well.

Coastal Style

Coastal furniture styles evoke memories of vacations and sunny summer days at the beach. They typically feature a light and airy color palette. A variety of natural materials are also used. Such as woven jute or sisal rugs and rattan chairs, to add a beachy vibe. Other popular motifs include seashells, coral branches, starfish, and nautical themes. The most common colors for this style are whites and lighter tones reminiscent of sand. Such as soft beiges and warm khaki shades.

Other colors that pair well with the Coastal design style include watery hues of blue and green. Inspired by beautiful beach sunsets. Coastal decor can get pretty kitsch, so it’s important to balance out all the seashells and fish-lined patterns with some simple strong prints and neutrals. Schuster advises against relying too heavily on the ocean and sand theme in the room unless you want to feel like you’re living at the beach year-round.

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Victorian Style

Wicker furniture is a wonderful choice for a Victorian style. The Victorian era is the antithesis of sleek modern decor and evokes a sense of romance with its elaborate designs, curved lines, and intricate detailing. Many Victorian motifs were inspired by nature, so floral and botanical patterns can found to enhance your outdoor furniture pieces, wallpapers, and more. 

The Victorian aesthetic is heavy on layering. So you’ll want to include dark wood pieces in your space. The types that shows up at garage sales and flea markets is perfect for this style. Ornate carved wood details can also found on furniture pieces, and Victorian walls were covered in ornate wallpapers.

The good news is that wicker can stand up to daily living, even with kids and pets. But it’s important to choose the right wicker bedroom furniture for your home and consider whether this style will hold up well with your lifestyle. For example, if you have a young family, it might be wise to avoid the granny chic or coastal grandmother style – this look may not be able to withstand frequent use and wear.

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